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Forum on Genetically Modified Rice

The government is planning to commercialize Genetically Modified (GM) rice in the Philippines that will increase corporate control over agriculture and threaten our food security. Scientists and farmers will discuss the current status and implications of GM rice in a forum on October 1, 9 am to 5 pm at Balay Kalinaw, UP Diliman.


Stop the extra-judicial killings of peasants in the Philippines

An International Peasant Solidarity Mission, sponsored by the Asian Peasant Coalition, Pesticide Action Network Asia and the Pacific and People¬'s Coalition on Food Sovereignty, was organized by Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas last August 6- 8, 2006 to investigate killings and other human rights violations of peasants and peasant leaders in the Philippines. The results are alarming, to say the least. Click here for the IPSM report. Sign the online petition to stop the extra-judicial killings of peasant leaders and activists in the Philippines.

In The News:

New system for classification and labelling of chemicals to be implemented (Pesticide Action Network Philippines)
10/12/06-- A new system for the classification and labeling of chemicals has been developed and is now available for implementation in countries worldwide, including the Philippines. (read here)
Pesticides are a leading suicide method (WHO)
09/08/06-- WHO has received reports of a growing number of suicides due to pesticide ingestion in many other countries in Asia, as well as in countries such as in countries in Central and South America. (read here)

Latest Events:

Fifth Session of the Intergovernmental Forum on Chemical Safety (IFCS) - Budapest, Hungary
September 2006

Global coalition of Health and Toxic Experts Demand that WHO Stop Irresponsible Promotion of DDT Spraying

A broad coalition of health and toxics experts from every continent called on the World Health Organization to reverse its aggressive promotion of DDT for malaria control and expressed outrage at the agency for a statement giving DDT spraying inside people¬'s homes a ¬"clean bill of health.¬"

Peoples¬' Voices Resound at the IFCS Forum V - Selected Highlights of the IFCS

The 5th Inter-governmental Forum on Chemical Safety (IFCS), now in its third day of proceedings, got off to a good start on Monday 25th morning with outgoing President, Dr Suwit Wibulpolpraset placing the need for transparency, punctuality, equality and mutual respect, and willingness to listen to the viewpoints of others, as crucial elements for the success of the Forum¬'s proceedings.

IFCS Forum V- Highlights for September 26

NGOs delegates from various organisations gathered on the steps of the Budapest Congress and World Trade Centre, venue of the 5th Inter-governmental Forum on Chemical Safety (IFCS), to protest the new promotion of DDT that is the centerpiece of the World Health Organisation¬'s ¬'Roll Back Malaria Campaign¬'.

WHY DDT? WHO¬'s campaign promoting DDT greeted with condemnation at the IFCS

Dr. Romeo Quijano of PAN Philippines took the WHO to task asserting, ¬"It practically dismisses the overwhelming evidence accumulated over the years by various scientific bodies, including WHO sponsored technical groups¬".

PAN International Briefing Paper on the Precautionary Principle

Paper of Sarojeni Rengam of PAN AP explains why action should be taken to reduce risk from chemicals in the face of uncertain but suggestive evidence of harm.

Poverty and Pesticides: Protecting Health and the Environment

Paper of Sarojeni Rengam of PAN AP makes the case that health and environmental protection leads to poverty reduction and attainment of the Millenium Development Goals.





A boy with cleft lip and palate in Kamukhaan Village, Davao del Sur, Philippines

Community Struggles Against Pesticides

Kamukhaan: A Poisoned Village (Effects of pesticide use in a banana plantation)
Endosulfan Poisoning in
Kerala, India

Health Effects of Pesticides on Former International Rice Research Institute Workers
Women Pesticide Sprayers in Palm Oil Plantations in Malaysia

Kamukhaan Revisited: Heaven's Antidote to Pesticide Poisoning

"Almost seven years later, ground and aerial spraying of pesticides continue unabated, forcing some residents to flee in search of a different livelihood, or else find a more creative means of earning a living..."

Click here to read PAN Philippines' report

Toxicologist Dr. Romeo Quijano, president of Pesticide Action Network Philippines, is a recipient of the 2005 Jenifer Altman Award