3000 Hikers walk the tunnel fire rock

3000 hikers walk the tunnel fire rock

The scenario resembled a people's hike. "We had expected 500 to 1000 visitors", says ilse preb, who took over the task of the mine protection saint barbara as tunnel godmother during the construction work. "I am surprised by the interest of the citizens." On saturday, local residents and railroad fans were informed about the progress of construction work on the feuerfelsen tunnel and along the new line. By the end of the day, the railroad estimates that about 3,000 people had ridden their bicycles. They came not only from rodental or the coburg region, but also from the neighboring counties of sonneberg, lichtenfels and kronach. A family from neuhaus am rennweg had arrived by train. And cycled on to the kiengrund over the new construction road.

The "burgerwandertag demands perseverance. About five kilometers of distance have to be covered to get from the local connection road, which is used as a parking area, via the descent to the future overtaking station to the north entrance of the tunnel project feuerfelsen and further to the kiental bridge on foot. The clever ones had brought their bicycles.

The DB safety concept
"Should anything unusual happen in everyday operations from the end of 2017, deutsche bahn has taken precautions with an extensive safety concept", explains the project engineer in charge arno kryszohn. This applies in particular to the 22 tunnels along the 105 kilometer new line branching off from the existing bamberg-lichtenfels line at ebensfeld in the main valley to the rail junction in the thuringian state capital of erfurt.

In principle, the DB safety concept provides for rescue via the tunnel portals for tunnel lengths of up to 1000 meters. The feuerberg tunnel measures 1034 meters from the south to the north portal. That is why additional fire department and sanitary services had to be called in. With access to the rescue site 65 meters away with helicopter landing capability via the public road network. Rail-high slabs inserted between the tracks – they also serve as sound insulation – make it possible for emergency vehicles to drive over the site. In the event of an incident fire-retardant and smoke-tight locks separate the travel tunnel from the rescue routes.

Alternating white and blue light tubes illuminate the tunnel floor along the inner shell for visitors. Only the monotonous working noise of a suction pump breaks the silence. "The temperature inside the tunnel is constantly a pleasant 12 to 15 degrees, project manager dieter thormann explains. As a special feature, he mentions the miner's excavation for the 12-meter-high and 14-meter-wide tubes, which still have a clear cross-section of 101 square meters in the final stage. "Because of the highway running above it and only eight meters of overburden to the hohenrucken, blasting for almost 250,000 cubic meters of excavated mass was prohibited in the sandstone formation." When everything is completed, trains will be able to travel through the tubes at speeds of up to 300 km/h once the line is in operation. The railcar then needs around 13 seconds to cover the 1034 meters.

Construction site quiz
Questions about the new line had to be answered in the construction site quiz. Children could have their picture taken with the construction site symbol max maulwurf in the tunnel and pick up the souvenir photo right away.

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