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Heal Toxics is a member of the International POPs Elimination Network

This website provides resources on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) such as pesticides, dioxins, PCBs, and wastes. Valuable examples of community monitoring of health and environmental impacts of toxic chemicals are also furnished.

Further, there is an entire section devoted to chemical safety in its proper socio-political context or in relation to issues such as globalization and people's empowerment.


Czech Republic: NGOs to Map Toxic Contamination


PRAGUE - NGOs from several countries, including the Czech Republic, will map the toxic contamination of the sites which formerly hosted pesticide stores, chemical plants and incinerators, they agreed at a recent international conference in Brandys nad Labem, central Bohemia, Jindrich Petrlik said today.

Petrlik, a member of the Arnika group which staged the conference this week, said that in a resolution passed at the close of the meeting, the participants demanded the toughening by the EU of its draft chemical policy and a restriction of the influence of industry and those high-ranking politicians who prefer economic advantages of industry to the population's health and future.

The environmentalists also want the production and the use of PVC to be terminated and incinerators to be upgraded in order to turn less environment-unfriendly.

The international conference Persistent Organic Substances, Wastes and Chemical Policy in Europe was organised by Arnika along with IPEN, the international network of NGOs. It was attended by about 45 experts and activists from 14 European countries and the USA.




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