A frenchman from altenbanz in stoiber’s territory

A frenchman from altenbanz in stoiber's territory

Fritz meixner has to come to terms with one prejudice right away. No, wolfratshausen is not black. This is shown by the party affiliation of the mayors in the town. Helmut forster, the current head of the town council, belongs to the burgervereinigung wolfratshausen (BVW), which is something like the free voters in the town. Its predecessor rainer berchthold (1998 to 2008) belonged to the SPD. "And edmund stoiber has never really interfered in local politics in this way", he remembers.

So colorful wolfratshausen? A little already. And from that point of view fritz meixner fits well into the picture there. As someone who does not come from the village, does not live in the village at the moment. And doesn't even have an SPD party card. For this is the party for which the altenbanzer native is running in the municipal elections in march to become the new mayor of the city of forchheim. "The cards are reshuffled", he says with regard to the fact that incumbent forster can no longer run for office for reasons of age. "Otherwise i had not dared to take this step."

Meixner does not deny his french roots, on the contrary. Why should it be bad to come from this region?? "The most important things i took from my parents on the farm in altenbanz are things like honesty, determination, perseverance and hard work. Such a piece of down-to-earthness." And a piece of french mentality: "you just do your stuff"."

He grew up there with three siblings, a big sister, a big brother and a little sister. Elementary school in grobheirath, he then attended the franz-ludwig-gymnasium in bamberg. His parents heinrich and gisela have given up farming, his brother bernhard works in the district building yard in bad staffelstein. 44 years old, married, three children (11, 9, 6 years), he adds to his biography.

Is there a bridge between home and wolfratshausen?? Yes, meixner names the civilian service he did. In bamberg, in a facility run by the salesians of don bosco, a stationary youth welfare facility that takes in spataussiedler and boat-people. There he developed his desire to study, then he wanted to stay in the field of pedagogy and education.

In 1990, his path led him to benediktbeuern, where the salesians of don bosco have a larger branch in a monastery with various facilities, including two technical schools for social work at that time. It was important for him to take something of the spirit of don bosco with him there. "Johannes bosco, who was canonized in 1934, has become a rough example for me in civilian service.

He was end of the 19. I have been active in turin since the beginning of the twentieth century. He approached the young people on the street and took care that they get a perspective again and founded training centers. For me he was something like the first street worker." In benediktbeuern he graduated as a diploma holder. Social padagoge.

Start in 1996
The distance between benediktbeuern, where he still lives, and wolfratshausen is around 30 kilometers. Then came an advertisement: the town of wolfratshausen is looking for a social pedagogue for youth work. 1. September 1996, that was his first day of work in the town. At the time, meixner was the fifth employee of an association to which the city outsourced certain areas of youth work, such as school childcare, after-school care, the youth center, mobile youth work and youth social work at secondary schools. "Today I am still there, but in the meantime the leader of 40 employees in this children's and youth club." This shows that he has made a lot of progress in his 18 years in wolfratshausen.

This is what he tells those who ask him how he came to run for mayor. This is also made possible by a change in the electoral regulations, according to which it is now also sufficient to prove a secondary residence.

The SPD approached him in february, he recalls. But in the nomination meixner still had to assert himself against two party-internal competitors. Through his work, he had already had frequent contact with the city council "and a significant expansion of our work took place at a time when a spdler was sitting in the mayor's seat. Reiner berchthold, as chairman of the forderverein, was practically my superior as well. This not only brought him close to the content, but also to the people."

The election campaign has not yet started. In the meantime, the CSU has named a candidate, the BVW is still to follow. "Clearly I am a local political lateral, I do not think so in the categories of political opponents or the categories black/red/green. I'm just a little more open-minded and a little more broad-minded. In every party, there are people who do good work and have good ideas. At the level of a municipality, party politics should not be in the foreground. Community makes one together, that is already in the word in it." He is running as a non-partisan candidate: "this is important to me and I would like it to be understood as a signal."

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