A separate passport for each child

A separate passport for each child

Book your trip, pack your suitcase, let's go. Unfortunately it is not that easy anymore. Before the vacation with the children the course to the passport office may not be missing any more.
Since the 26th. June it is no longer sufficient to register your child in the passport of the parents for the vacation abroad. In the meantime, every child must have its own passport. The child passport must be applied for even for newborns. However, it is only valid until the twelfth year of life. "This is new", reports veronika bosse from the passport office kitzingen. "Previously, the passport was valid until 16. Valid for the first year of life."

Agreement of both parents

For children's passports, the consent of the guardian is required. The passport office in kitzingen has found a work-friendly solution for this problem. So that both parents don't have to show up at the office, one of the legal guardians can sign a declaration of consent and give it to his or her partner. Not every passport office does this because of the risk of falsification, but veronika bosse and her colleagues have had no bad experiences with it so far. "It's just a matter of both parents knowing that the child will get a passport. Until now it has worked very well", explains bosse. "Problems are more likely to arise with divorced couples who share custody of children. There are also differences of opinion sometimes."

Not quite as strict

For the passport the parents must bring also a biometric photo of the child. This can be quite difficult if the newborn would rather look at mom than in the direction of the camera. Or the two-year-old prefers to laugh rather than stare seriously into the lens. Fortunately, the biometric requirements for children under six are not too strict. Only from the age of six is there a passport template with precise specifications for head posture, direction of gaze and facial expression (graphic).
With the "one person – one passport" regulation it is now possible to identify each child individually. "There's no more back and forth about whether the child is registered with the mother or the father, or whether it travels with the grandmother and is included in her passport", says passport issuer bosse. "And the child passport can also be applied for much faster. We usually have the document ready within one working day." Whoever remembers shortly before the vacation that his child cannot identify himself, can purchase the passport at the passport office for 13 euros. After six years, the document must be renewed for another six euros. Since the new regulations on the compulsory child passport, veronika bosse has had a lot to do at the passport office in kitzingen. "Although the child passport has always existed, the rush has increased in recent months. But this is normal in the summer months", tells bosse.

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