After mass brawl between youths in flensburg: police step up presence

After mass brawl between youths in flensburg: police step up presence

Police react to mass brawl: after an operation in flensburg’s city center on monday afternoon, the flensburg police will significantly increase their presence in the coming days. The main aim is to increase the sense of security among the citizens and to prevent crime. The aim is to identify cyclists by means of targeted checks and to bring the runners out of anonymity.

No fixed structures

In the past few weeks, incidents involving young people have been piling up around the ZOB in flensburg. Involving young people of different nationalities. The main cyclists are known to the police. Some have already made several appearances. As a rule, confrontations are sought between the groups. Inconspicuous occasions, enriched by provocations, develop into bodily injury offenses. Bystanders usually do not come to any harm. Fixed structures within the groups are not recognizable.

The cyclists, however, consciously gather around them fellow cyclists who are experience-oriented and are not a priori bent on criminal acts. However, they could be influenced by the known offenders. In addition, numerous onlookers appeared at yesterday’s operation.

What happened on monday in flensburg?

On monday morning, the police were informed that young people had arranged to get into a fight in a shopping arcade in the center of flensburg in the afternoon. No specific reason or reason for the detention was known. Against 16.40 o’clock about 30 young people were found in the gallery. There was a latently aggressive atmosphere, whereupon those present were banned from the premises. In the course of the operation, various locations were named where young people were staying and were possibly beaten up. The young people encountered there were also expelled from the area.

Man was carrying toy gun

During the check of a person who was supposed to be carrying a weapon, a toy pistol was found. As the 21-year-old man was aggressive and did not comply with a banning order, he was taken into custody. A 14-year-old juvenile who disrupted this official act was also taken into custody.

At about 17:40 hours gathered around. 50 people in the area of nikolaistrabe. The atmosphere was very aggressive. Two girls, aged 14 and 16, stirred up the atmosphere and urged the crowd to take action against the police officers on duty. They were taken into custody. A 17-year-old was also taken into custody because he did not comply with the previously issued banning order and was extremely aggressive.

After the event, an assault was reported in which a 14-year-old girl was beaten. The suspected perpetrator is said to be known. During the operation no further reports were made, the encountered and approached young people have not commented on any incidents. No injured persons were found.

On monday afternoon (19. March 2018) it came to chase scenes of two hostile youth groups in flensburg (schleswig-holstein).
As the "flensburger tageblatt" reports according to reports, there were fierce confrontations in the area of the holm and the adjacent passages and parking garages.

Arrest of the driver

Several patrol cars and two dog drivers were on site to calm down the situation. In the "unclear area" according to the news portal, the young people in the city center repeatedly formed new focal points of conflict, making it difficult for the police to get a grip on the situation. The clash between the youths had probably been announced on social media. A witness had alerted officers to the possible escalation through an internal chat history, police said on tuesday (20. March 2018) with.

The authorities finally had the situation under control around 7 p.M.: five people were taken into custody. The five arrested are considered to be the leaders of the groups. "We hope that this has deterred the others a bit", according to a spokesman for the local media.

Details, such as why the youth groups had arranged to fight or something similar, are not yet known. Meanwhile, the investigation of the local police is still ongoing.

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