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Heal Toxics is a member of the International POPs Elimination Network

This website provides resources on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) such as pesticides, dioxins, PCBs, and wastes. Valuable examples of community monitoring of health and environmental impacts of toxic chemicals are also furnished.

Further, there is an entire section devoted to chemical safety in its proper socio-political context or in relation to issues such as globalization and people's empowerment.


News Archives

03/03/06-- Toxic insecticides 'never used in Japan' found nevertheless (by Japan Economic Newswire)

02/21/06-- Excess pesticides harming cotton pickers (by Daily Times)

02/20/06-- Yaqui in Mexico suffer effects of toxic pesticides used in agricultural fields (by Indian Country Today)

02/19/06-- Protest Rally against GMOs and Terminator Seeds in Bangladesh (by UBINIG)

02/15/06-- EPA to Further Relax ‘Weak’ Toxin Rules (by New Standard)

02/14/0-- Gambia’s first national document on POPs validated (by Daily Observer)

12/103/05-- Chile: Poison Victims Demand Pesticide Restrictions (by IPS)

12/02/05-- Protests mark anniversary of Bhopal tragedy (by AFP)

11/28/05-- U.S. wrests large exemption from international pesticide ban (by AP)

11/18/05-- Canada: Top court backs pesticide ban (by Toronto Star)

11/17/05-- Parliament backs new EU law on toxic chemicals (by Reuters)

11/15/05-- Scientists Identify Corporate Structure as Bad for Public Health (by PANNA)

11/11/05-- China: Education urged on persistent pollutants (by Xinhuanet)

11/10/05-- India: Chemical pesticides cause health, social problems (by Financial Express)

11/09/05-- Canadians contaminated by toxic chemicals, report says (by Environmental Defence)

11/08/05-- EPA settles with Dow on pesticide export violations (by EPA)

11/08/05-- WHO to push DDT use in new malaria fight: report (by Xinhuanet)

11/08/05-- EPA study shows high levels of toxins in fish (by Taiwan News)

11/02/05-- Parents with pesticide fears turn to organic baby food (by AP)

10/27/05-- Monsanto disputes finding by CDC (by St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

10/25/05-- Canada Grants New Controversial Terminator Patent To US Company (by Greenpeace)

10/25/05-- Overuse of pesticides has deadly sting (by China Daily)

10/22/05-- Critics rip plan to relax chemical release rules (by Seattle Post Intelligencer)

10/20/05-- POPs kill 5 million children a year (by ANSA)

10/20/05-- 'High-yielding rice varieties do not excite Filipino farmers' (by BISSIG)

10/12/05-- Pollutants 'damage sperm quality' (by BBC)

10/12/05-- Persistent organic pollutants project launched in Botswana (by Daily News)

10/12/05-- Toxic Chemicals Found in Common Baby Products (by ECRPC)

10/11/05-- Bahrain to join pollution treaty (by Gulf Daily News)

10/07/05-- Dr Irene Fernandez: Winner of Rights Livelihood Award for 2005 (by PANAP)

10/07/05-- Environmental decline killing poor (by Guardian)

10/10/05-- NZ beef pulled from shelves for insecticide contamination (by China Post)

10/03/05-- cPulp Mills and the Clean Technology Debate (by IPS)

09/29/05-- New Programme to Eliminate Obsolete Pesticides From Africa (by WB)

09/28/05-- No deal yet on global chemicals framework (by Environment Daily)

09/22/05-- Environmentalists take fight for moratorium of plantation expansion to the streets (by Philippine Daily Inquirer)

09/21/05-- U.N. Agency Warns of Environmental Impacts From Free Trade Agreements (by International Trade Daily)

09/20/05-- Pakistan: Perils posed by pesticides grow (by IRIN)

09/19/05-- Philippines: Another IRRI worker dies (by BISSIG)

09/18/05-- Environmental activists, cyclists bike for pollution and PGMA-free Philippines (by ENRAGED)

09/15/05-- JAMA Study of Pesticide Risks in Schools (by PANNA)

09/13/05-- Five Scientists Honored for Commitment to Scientific Integrity (by JAF)

09/11/05-- Crop spraying is health risk, say scientists (by The Sunday Times-Britain)

09/07/05-- Global movement says no to toxics and wastes (by GAIA)

09/07/05-- Tracking POPs around the globe (by ESC)

09/06/05-- AP State Government receives notice on Pesticide Poisonings (by CSA)

09/01/05-- Banana firm dismisses epidemic fears (by SunStar Davao)

08/31/05-- Organic farmers can appeal ruling (by The Regina Leader-Post)

08/29/05-- Tons of hazardous waste enter rivers, dumps daily -- DENR (by Philippine Daily Inquirer)

08/23/05-- People’s Inquiry into aerial spraying open for registration and submissions (by People's Inquiry)

08/25/05-- Codex Allows Seven Deadly Pesticides Banned by Stockholm Convention and US Law (by The Natural Solutions Foundation)

08/22/05-- Keeping Perspective on West Nile Virus (by PANNA)

08/19/05-- Proper use of pesticides for Philippine mangoes urged (by Sunstar Daily)

08/17/05-- E-waste recycling releasing toxic wastes in India, China (by New Kerala.com)

08/17/05-- Tanzania set to produce first organic cotton this year (by Financial Times)

08/15/05-- Mexican government identifies 31 sites highly contaminated with industrial waste (by El Universal)

08/09/05-- Study reveals high levels of DDT in eggs in Pakistan (by Business Recorder)

08/09/05-- Coke, Pepsi move court on pesticides order (by Our Bureau & Pti)

08/08/05-- Pesticides cause illnesses in schools (by Quincy Herald-Whig)

08/07/05-- Pesticides used in Arab World needs development and control - experts (by KUNA)

08/05/05-- Rethinking Roundup (by PANNA)

08/04/05-- Congratulations Dr Irene Fernandez - Nobel Peace Prize Nominee! (by PAN AP)

07/31/05-- Toxic Dumpsites Uncovered in Lagos, Ibadan, Port Harcourt (by Vanguard)

07/26/05-- Methyl Bromide Loophole for U.S. Prolongs Ozone Hole (by PANNA)

07/26/05-- Pesticides stay in London (by London Free Press)

07/26/05-- Waste disposal rakes up old ghosts in Bhopal (by IANS)

07/22/05-- High DDT levels found in breastmilk of HK mothers (by Reuters)

07/22/05-- Filipino activist-scientist receives international award (by RESIST)

07/22/05-- CDC Body Burden Study Finds Widespread Pesticide Exposure
(by PANNA)

07/19/05-- South Korea’s Dioxin Double Take (by ENS)

07/22/05-- People's Health Assembly calls for dumping of the patent regime (by IPHU)

07/17/05-- International People's Health University Launched (by IPHU)

07/16/05-- Toxic chemicals found in umbilical cord blood (by North Adams Transcript)

07/16/05-- Fish exports from Cuddalore declines as chemical influx increases (by National Foundation for India)

07/13/05-- Filipino Environmentalists call for Arroyo's resignation (by ENRAGE)

07/12/05-- Report: Laws make EPA's review of chemicals harder (by USA TODAY)

07/06/05-- Carbaryl: One Poison for Another in Urban Creeks (by PANNA)

06/26/05-- New product for U.S. industry: 'manufactured doubt' (by Austin American Statesman)

06/21/05-- China Vows to Fully Implement Rotterdam Convention (by Xinhua)

06/16/05-- Eco-waste coalition warns: Beware of toxic eggs (by Inquirer News Service)

06/14/05-- Sweden calls for world ban on PFOS chemical (by Reuters)

06/13/05-- Japan threatens to ban Mindanao mangoes (by AsiaPulse)

06/12/05-- Singapore signs on to Stockholm and Rotterdam Conventions (by ChannelNews Asia)

06/10/05-- EPA Sued for Farm Children's Pesticide Risks (by PANNA)

06/09/05-- Fiji: Team to look at waste recycle (by Fiji Times)

06/08/05-- Study finds residues of pesticides in villagers in Punjab (by CSE)

06/03/05-- Disorders can be passed on without genetic mutations (by Seattle Post)

06/01/05-- WHO tool assesses risk of unsafe chemicals in food (by Food Navigator USA)

Obsolete Pesticides Piling Up in Latin America (by ENS)

05/27/05-- PCB survey highlights chemical dangers (by Daily Yomiuri)

05/27/05-- Chemical May Inhibit Male Sex Development (by Associated Press)

05/26/05-- Software “toolkit” for control of hazardous chemicals issued by UN-backed body (by UN News Centre)

05/25/05-- WTO Talks a Threat to Environment - NGOs (by Interpress Service)

05/22/05-- China work group set up to phaseout chemicals (by China View)

05/22/05-- Health fears over secret study into GM food (by The Independent)

05/22/05-- Women's bodies store pesticides, pass on contaminants to fetuses
(by PNA)

05/18/05-- Monsanto scores lowest environmental rating (by Innovest)

05/12/05-- Toxics data show overall fall, but some concerns (by Associated Press)

05/07/05-- Despite Int'l Agreement, DDT Will Not Disappear Overnight (by IPS)

05/06/05-- U.N. may add new chemicals to 'dirty dozen' ban (by Reuters)

05/06/05-- U.N. expected to toughen "dirty dozen" toxin rules (by Reuters)

05/06/05-- U.S. aims to join 'dirty dozen' chemical ban (by Associated Press)

05/06/05-- UK: European Union seeks action on furter toxic chemicals (by UK gov't)

05/05/05-- Four New Chemicals Proposed for Global Blacklist (by ENS)

05/02/05-- Governments Meet to Eliminate 12 Persistant Organic Pollutants (by ENS)

05/04/05-- Top Court Saves Right to Sue (by PANNA)

05/01/05-- NZ: Pesticides blamed for killing rare frogs (by Stuff.co)

04/29/05-- Public In the Dark as Illegal GE Corn Enters Food Supply (by PANNA)

04/28/05-- Mining giant continues to deny responsibility for Philippine mining disaster (by BC Committee for Human Rights)

04/29/05-- Worldwide Appeal to the Malaysian Government to Maintain Paraquat Ban (by PAN AP)

04/28/05-- Citizens can sue for damages caused by pesticides, Supreme Court holds (by Agriculture Online)

04/26/05-- NGOs Push For Fulfilment of Anti-Pollution Promises (by InterPress Service)

04/22/05-- MNCs outsourcing pesticides production, research to India (by Indo-Asian News Service )

04/21/05-- Philippines: Toxic Eggs, Anyone? (by ABS-CBN.com)

04/19/05-- Eloor Chicken Eggs Contaminated with Dioxin (by Thanal)

04/14/05-- Aerial spraying ban in Davao urged (by Coalition for Mother Earth)

04/13/05-- Illegal GE rice contaminates food chain in China (by Greenpeace)

04/13/05-- Dioxin contamination found near proposed EU-funded waste site in Bulgaria (by Bankwatch Network)

04/09/05-- Villagers in Punjab falling victim of cancer due to excess use of pesticides (by ACI)

04/08/05-- EPA Scraps Controversial Pesticide Testing Program (by Reuters)

04/05/05-- Indian Government protects chemical industry interests over public health at international meeting (by Toxics Link)

04/03/05-- Roundup® highly lethal to amphibians, finds University of Pittsburgh researcher (by UPMC)

03/31/05-- EPA Sweet on Atrazine (by PANNA)

03/30/05-- €1.3 Million to Involve African Farmers and Poisoning Victims in International Agreements (by PAN UK)

03/22/05-- Toxic Chemicals Found in Household Dust Across USA (by ENS)

03/21/05-- Bohol Poisoing Aftermath: Groups revive campaign vs pesticides (by Philippine Daily Inquirer)

03/17/05-- Activists Urge Lindane Ban (by PANNA)

03/15/05-- Pesticide poisoned Bohol schoolchildren: RP health dep't (SunStar Daily)

03/12/05-- US Federal court ruling comes under fire (VOV News)

03/07/05-- Bangladesh: No bt cotton, no pests (The New Nation)

03/05/05-- Philippines: Insecticides killing honey trade in Abra town (by Inquirer News Service)

03/03/05-- Biologists fret as Mexico butterfly numbers dive (by Reuters)

03/02/05-- NZ and Pacific region reducing toxic chemicals (Scoop Independent News)

03/03/05-- 782 Industrial Facilities Will Emit More Toxic Chemicals into California's Air Under 'Clear Skies' Bill (by Environment California)

02/28/05-- U.S. Urges Judge to Dismiss Suit on Chemical Use in Vietnam War (by New York Times)

02/22/05-- Bt cotton growers in AP feel the heat: study (by Financial Express)

02/21/05-- No ban planned for 2,4-D: Canada's pesticide regulator (by CBC News)

02/18/05-- Farm Worker Tests Reveal Routine Pesticide Exposure (by PANNA)

02/18/05-- Bird-killing pesticides outlawed in Scotland (by The Scotsman)

02/16/05-- Dioxin research lab established in Zhejiang (by China View)

02/16/05-- Bush: Climate treaty to cost jobs (by Associated Press)

02/15/05-- Canada: Study finds flame retardant chemicals in food (by Just-food.com)

02/15/05-- Widespread Pesticide Use Causing Illness Among Immigrant Workers (by New Standard)

02/14/05-- New bacteria discovered by USU professor (by Utah Statesman)

02/10/05-- U.S. Scientists Say They Are Told to Alter Findings (by LA Times)

02/09/05-- Strawberry farmers face methyl bromide showdown (Mercury News)

02/08/05-- Kerala's farmers keen on organic farming (by Asia News International)

02/08/05-- Development or disaster in India? (by Delhi Women's Feature Service)

02/07/05-- A chemical reaction for local schools (by Plain Dealer)

02/04/05-- A New US Secretary of Agriculture (by PANNA)

02/04/05-- India: Kids Fall Prey to Pesticides (by Navhind Times)

02/03/05-- 100,000 Liberians At Risk for Respiratory Diseases, Sterility Imminent (by The Analyst)

02/02/05-- Promote sustainable mining, gov't urged (by Ibon Foundation)

01/28/05-- Victorians exposed to pesticides (by AAP)

01/27/05-- EPA Sued Over Rat Poison Risks (by PANNA)

01/26/05-- Review of banned pesticide stirs up safety concerns (by CBC)

01/26/05-- State Analysis Finds Continued Upsurge in Pesticide Usage (by LA Times)

01/25/05-- EU needs new chemical rules to halt toxic fish-WWF (by Reuters)

01/19/05-- Lawsuit Targets Pesticide Air Pollution (by PANNA)

01/18/05-- EPA charges DuPont hid Teflon's risks (by Chicago Tribune)

01/17/05-- 30 banned pesticides still used in Davao farms, says UP doctor (by Philippine Daily Inquirer)

01/17/05-- Cosmetic giants remove toxic chemicals (by Cosmeticsdesign.com)

01/16/05-- Concern as Scots farms escape ban on burning waste (by Herald Online)

01/16/05-- No way out of pesticides' spiral of death? (by Indo-Asian News Service)

01/15/04-- Philippines: Chemical pesticides are like tsunamis, professor says (by SunStar Davao)

01/14/05-- Alternatives to chlorine gain steam nationwide (by Newhouse News Service)

01/13/05-- Uncalculated Risks in Some Pesticides, UCR Study Finds (by University of California)

01/10/05-- UK: Pesticides may cause prostate cancer, say government advisers (The Guardian)

01/09/05-- New Zealand confirms supplying Agent Orange in Vietnam War (by AFP)

01/09/05-- States Take Legal Action to Protect Children from Pesticides (by LA Canyon News)

01/08/05-- The ethics of human testing may be decided case by case (by Associated Press)

01/07/05-- Monsanto fined $1.5M for bribery (by BBC News)

01/05/05-- EPA Waffles on Dursban (by PANNA)

01/03/05-- Uzbeks promise smelter clean-up (by BBC News)


12/03/04-- Industry 'denies chemical risks' (by BBC)

11/25/04-- NAPM Condemns Action Against Coke Agitators (by NAPM)

11/18/04-- EU ratifies convention on chemicals pollution (by EUbusiness.com)

11/11/04-- Dutch Dioxin Scare Spreads to France and Spain (by Reuters)

10/28/04-- Tainan factory site blamed for cancer (by Taipei Times)

10/28/04-- Canada moves to eliminate PFOS stain repellents (by Environmental Science and Technology)

10/27/04-- Botswana obliged to prohibit organic pollutants (by Daily News)

10/22/04-- Africa: Hazardous Waste Institute (by The Namibian)

10/19/04-- Aerosols 'harm mother and baby' (by BBC Online)

10/19/04-- EU ministers contaminated by common chemicals (by Reuters)

10/12/04-- Pediatricians need more training on environmental health (by National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences)

10/12/04-- House Republican Efforts On POPs Treaty Seen As Dead This Year (by Chemical Policy Report Weekly)

10/11/04-- Duma recommends to ratify Stockholm Convention on POPs (by Itar-Tass News Agency)

10/14/04-- Philippine Government sets priorities for a National Implementation Plan on the Stockholm Convention (by PAN Philippines)

10/08/04-- Pollutants 'in children's blood' (by BBC News Online)

10/07/04-- US Blocks Phase Out of Lindane in North America (by PANNA)

10/05/04-- Farmers ask government to stop promoting hybrid rice (by MASIPAG)

10/05/04-- Multinational and Indian companies still profit from bonded child labour on cottonseed farms in India (by CBG Network)

10/04/04-- Plan to Dump Toxic Ships as “Artificial Reefs” Denounced (by Basel Action Network)

09/28/04-- U.S. blocks progress on North America phase out of toxic pesticide (by PANNA)

09/28/04-- Chemical treaty may fall to pressure groups (by Scripps Howard News Service)

09/27/04-- PIC lists 14 new chemicals (by PANNA)

09/22/04-- Philippines: Pesticide use seen cause of ozone depletion (by Philippine Daily Inquirer)

09/20/04-- Treaty curbs trade in more dangerous chemicals (by Reuters)

09/20/04-- States seek better antidote to industrial poisons (by Swiss Info)

09/17/04-- India: Cuddalore, a Global Toxic Hotspot for Air Pollution (by Global Community Monitor)

09/12/04-- People’s Caravan takes off in Southern Philippines (by PAN Philippines)

09/09/04-- Lawmakers want GMOs out of food and agriculture (by PAN Philippines)

09/09/04-- Toxic waste from pesticides is ticking time bomb for poor countries, UN warns (by UN News Centre)

09/08/04-- India's cotton belt turning into 'cancer belt' (by Hindustan Times)

09/01/04-- Global demonstration against waste and pollution launched (by PAN Philippines)

08/30/04-- Banned pesticide used in government-sponsored tree-planting project (by Pinoy Weekly)

08/24/04-- Court Orders Biopharm Crops Disclosed (by PANNA)

08/24/04-- Malawi works to eliminate dangerous pesticide (by Mail and Guardian)

08/11/04-- EU wants to expand 'Dirty Dozen' chemicals list (by Reuters)

08/04/04-- Fetuses very susceptible to combustion pollutants (by ScienceNews)

07/31/04 - Australian Town joins global war on plastic bags (by Reuters)

07/31/04 - Fewer boys linked to chemical pollution (by Globe and Mail)

07/28/04 - Unethical advertising of paraquat in Thailand (by PAN AP)

07/21/04 - Court relief for Bhopal victims (by BBC News)

07/20/04 - NGO's open letter to US Federal Court on lawsuit against chemical firms (by Vietnamese News Agency)

07/19/04 - Permanent Hair Dyes Tied to Adult Leukemia Risk (by Reuters News Agency)

07/16/04 - Malawi on course to phase out harmful pesticide (by SciDev Net)

07/14/04 - Breast cancer patients on the rise due to pesticide residue in food products (by Kerala Kaumadi Newspaper)

07/13/04 - Uganda: Chemicals reduce sperm count (by New Vision)

07/11/04 - Hospital waste sickening public and environment (by Daily Times Pakistan)

07/03/04 - Children call for mining moratorium in Palawan (by ADP)

07/02/04 - Lethality of asbestos and exploitation of workers and the public by
a sbestos producers exposed (by IJOE)

07/02/04 - GM Pesticide "secrets" to go public as Bayer drops court case (by Friends of the Earth)

07/02/04 - Probe demanded into child labour in seed farm (by The Hindu)

07/02/04 - Green groups denounce toxic e-waste dumping in Asia (by Greenpeace)

07/02/04 - Courts Take Aim at Dow for Bhopal (by PANNA)

06/22/04 - School inside a banana plantation: Filipino students endangered (by Pinoy Weekly)

06/22/04 - Pesticides Affect Child Development in India (by PANNA)

06/21/04 - WHO talks up scale of environment-health risks (by Environment Daily)

06/20/04 - Philippines: People's Unity Statement on the Mineral Action Plan

06/15/04 - Toxic substances rising in Arctic seabirds (by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

06/11/04 - U.N. experts plan attack on toxic PCBs (by Associated Press)

06/10/04 - China: Legislators to ratify convention on POPs (by China Daily)

06/09/04 - Bayer, Dow, Syngenta: Shareholders criticise agrochemical corporations (by PANNA)

06/07/04 - Canada: Flame retardant in breast milk raises concern (by Globe and Mail)

06/06/04 - Low Lignin in GM Trees and Forage Crops (by Institute of Science in Society)

06/03/04 - Toxic Fire Retardants Discovered in Computers in Offices and Schools (by Computer Take-Back)

05/27/04 - Mindanao Farmers Oppose BT Corn (by Bulatlat.com)

05/26/04 - France suspends use of Gaucho insecticide for corn (by BBC News Online)

05/20/04 - Vietnam: Action plan discussed to reduce organic pollutants (by Vietnamese News Agency)

05/21/04 - Increasing Grassroots Opposition to Dow Chemical (by PANNA)

05/17/04 - Dirty dozen chemical treaty takes effect without U.S. (by Scripps Howard News service)

05/17/04 - India: NGO accuses chemical industry of harming public health (by The Hindu)

05/14/04 - Unprecedented International Toxic Chemical Treaty Enters Into Force (by IPEN)

05/13/04 - PAN Philippines hails Stockholm Convention Ratification (by Manila Bulletin)

05/12/04 - Unrestricted Zone for Paraquat in Central America (by Interpress)

05/12/04 - POPs in Ice (by Chemical and Engineering News)

05/11/04 - Bahrain: Funds needed to implement Stockholm convention rules (by Middle East North Africa Financial Network)

05/10/04 - India: Chemical Industry to Boycott Awareness Program on POPs (by Financial Express)

05/10/04 - Insecticides' Toll on Aquatic Life (by Washington Post)

05/09/04 - Czech Republic: NGOs to Map Toxic Contamination (by Czech News Agency)

04/27/04 - National Council of Churches in the Philippines tackles the Stockholm Convention (by HEAL Toxics)

04/27/04 - France: Monsanto’s GM corn given green light in despite disturbing effects on rats (by Le Monde)

04/27/04 - Philippines: A Time for Cautious Celebration (by HEAL Toxics)

04/27/04 - European Groups Submit Asian Protest Letters at Syngenta AGM
(by PAN AP)

04/24/04 - Pesticides too harmful to use in any form, doctors warn (by Toronto Globe and Mail)

04/23/04 - 50 Years Is Enough for the World Bank and IMF (by PANNA)

04/22/04 - Earth Day: Float Protest Parade in the Philippines (by Kalikasan-PNE)

04/05/04 - Methyl Bromide in Montreal (by PANNA)

04/02/04 - POPs levels linked to climate fluctuations (by Environmental Science and Technology)

03/30/04 - ‘Rediscovering’ Traditional Mosquito Repellents (by The East African)

03/28/04 - Drug Firms Stalled on Strokes (by Los Angeles Times)

03/19/04 - War and WTO: Two Thorns from the Same Bush (by People’s Health Movement)

02/24/04 - Early warning system on global trade in hazardous pesticides and chemicals to become law (by PAN AP)

02/18/04 - Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) to enter into force on 17 May 2004

01/20/2004 - Oil spill threatens one of world's best dive sites (by The Philippine Star)

01/16/04 - Farmers and Scientists Uphold S&T for the People (by RESIST)

01/28/04 - Kyrgyzstan Combats Persistent Organic Pollutants (by Times of Central Asia)

02/02/04 - Don outlines hazards of plastics (by IPP - Guardian Tanzania)

01/20/04 - Toxins in breast milk: Studies explore impact of chemicals on our Bodies (by The Wall St. Journal)

01/08/04 - Farm-Raised Salmon Linked to Pollutants (by Associated Press)

01/09/04 - GE Crops Use More Pesticides (By PANNA)

01/10/04 -- Metachem waste heading to Mexico (by Jeff Montgomery)

01/13/04 - Ancestral Diet Gone Toxic (By Los Angeles Times)


12/19/03 - DDT Ban May Be Lifted (by The East African Standard)

12/03/03 - In commemoration of World No Pesticide Day: HEAL Toxics calls for Paraquat Ban

PCB disposal sites slated to be built on Okinawa (by Pacific Stars and Stripes)

France: Government report claims BAYER pesticide GAUCHO responsible for bee deaths

Traces of banned toxic insecticide found in land animals (by Japan Times)

11/07/03 - Global Insecticide meeting intensifies commitment to reduce poisonings form Acutely Toxic Pesticides (by ICFS)


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