Bierhoff does not want to join fifa executive committee

Bierhoff does not want to join fifa executive committee

"No, i don’t deal with that at all," bierhoff told "bild".De" and emphasized that wolfgang niersbach, as DFB president, belongs on this committee. The head of the german football association had already stressed at the end of february that he would not want to compete in 2015 if former DFB president zwanziger resigned from the FIFA executive.

Bierhoff, on the other hand, pointed out that the 62-year-old niersbach will be elected to the executive committee of the european soccer union (UEFA) next week in london and will represent fubball germany in an outstanding way. "He was also an enrichment for FIFA. If he doesn’t make it, it would be important to have a german representative in FIFA," said bierhoff.

Discussions about an extension of his contract with the DFB as well as the contract of national coach joachim low should take place as soon as he has qualified for the world championships. "We went into the world cup in 2010 without a contract. I can also speak for jogi: we don’t need any guarantees. But we know that an unclear contractual situation can lead to unrest," said bierhoff.

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