Birnbacher wins mass start at antholz

Birnbacher wins mass start at antholz

Birnbacher provided the high point from the german point of view. The man from schlechingen had an unbelievable fight man against man with the second placed russian anton schipulin and martin fourcade from france. From the top, the 30-year-old went down the home stretch and clenched his winning fist after his furioso finale. "This is the hammer, unbelievable even if i wobbled last shot into the target", cheered birnbacher.

In terms of running, he is in the best shape he has ever been in, and he only made one mistake in the push stand. In the high 1600 meters, he repeatedly attacked on the final lap and dictated the tempo. "I knew it would be decided in the sprint," said birnbacher, who ended up 0.1 seconds ahead of schipulin and 0.3 seconds ahead of fourcade.

Florian graf came in 15th after two penalty laps, sprint world champion arnd peiffer was only 27th after five misses. Three-time olympic champion michael greis and michael rosch missed the qualification for the mass start after their weak sprint results.

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