Burgkunstadt high school opens its doors

Information galore for parents and children, but also entertainment at the "open day" at burgkunstadt high school on saturday, 3. March, from 9 a.M. To 12 p.M. The event is primarily aimed at parents whose children plan to enter the burgkunstadt school in the fall.
For the children the high school has a "trial run" with almost 20 stations, in which the school building was "explored" can be.
The event begins at 9 a.M. With the burial in the auditorium. There, from 9.3 p.M. There will be a detailed information session for parents. The aim was to highlight the wide range of educational opportunities offered by this type of school, the requirements associated with it, and the subsequent career opportunities after a middle school diploma or a high school diploma. The open all-day school will also be an issue. The school day of the current fifth graders is also presented – a not insignificant aid in deciding on the choice of school.
From 10.At 3 p.M., parents can also participate in the trial run or meet the school’s teachers at the parents’ coffee shop in the cafeteria. The event is scheduled to end around 12 noon. Cv

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