Burkardroth: a plan for the future

Burkardroth: a plan for the future

The municipal councils are thinking ahead: the market town of burkardroth wants to prepare itself for the next 15 to 20 years with a development program. The principles and objectives were unanimously approved by the municipal council at its most recent meeting after the summer break.

Many points in view

The project goes back to 2015. "The result after the first special meeting in march 2016 was that we get input for it", mayor waldemar bug (odp) said in retrospect. In further meetings, the goals and principles of the community development program were worked out. "Topics included public transport, tourism, economic aspects and local amenities." The contents are to be worked out together with the population.

The only issue that required discussion was the name of the project. "The name "market development program" (MEP) gives me a sinking feeling, said bug. "Markets exist in bavaria, but not in all other federal states." Municipalities from other federal states that were pursuing a similar goal did not know what the MEP was talking about. The committee therefore decided on the name community development program (GEP) for the market in burkardroth.

"This is the way to keep the community in the villages, so the municipality has to stay on the ball to make the right decisions in these areas", said bug. Therefore, the GEP should be a guideline for subsequent municipal councils. "That is why the program is not set in stone." The community leader from burkardroth intends to update the program every six years to take account of changing circumstances. One example for bug was the commercial area in zahlbach. "The area is full. We as a municipality must create opportunities for the businessmen."

No billboards for individual traders

The industrial area in the muhlengrund was also a topic in another agenda item. A retailer located there wanted to put up two billboards. The plan was rejected by the committee. One reason why the local councils denied the project to the sole trader was the risk of accident. "Well done advertising draws the eyes to it – and directly opposite is the driveway of another highly frequented grocery store", said bug. Traffic safety also played a role in the discussion. "The billboards can only be affixed from the street." The main reason why the project was rejected, however, was the fact that the boards were located outside the established building limits.

On the other hand, the committee approved two building applications from gefall and waldfenster as well as a preliminary building application from stralsbach. The statutes for the "brennofen" development plan were also unanimously approved in wollbach. "The development plan is then legally valid", said bug.

There were few objections to a special area for retail trade in aschach – the "herrnfeld". "We are being listened to as neighbors in this matter", the mayor of burkardroth explained. The market burkardroth was not restricted by the project. One councilor had a different opinion: "what about our retail trade??" Bug stressed that the resolution was only about the concerns of the market. The committee decided by a majority not to raise objections to the special area in aschach. The council also authorized the administration to give the green light for future steps in the "herrnfeld" to give.

Data protection officer appointed

The council also appointed hans-jurgen buhner as data protection and information security officer. Buhner is responsible for the two topics at the district level. For this purpose, a resolution was passed on 19. The necessary special-purpose agreement was signed in july. Five sixths of the costs fall on the municipalities. The total is based on the number of inhabitants. According to a statement made by the mayor in june, the annual costs for the burkardroth market amount to 3261.04 euros.

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