The “living lexicon” from city hall

The 'living lexicon' from city hall

Angelika pinnau joined the board of trustees exactly 40 years ago, on 2. July 1973, as a 23-year-old, she began her service in the town hall of marktbreit.

First she worked part-time and then, since october 1989, full-time. She recalls her first day at work with a smile during her 40th anniversary ceremony at the town hall on tuesday: "I went to work at the town hall early in the morning and wanted to report to my superior, but he was not there. Because no one knew what to do with me, I waited until the burgermeister arrived."

Mayor, however, angelika pinnau has had her work cut out for her. In her time in office, she alone experienced four mayors in marktbreit and a total of 16 in the administrative community (VG). She has a good relationship of trust with the incumbent mayor, erich hegwein, who presented her with an honorary certificate from the state of bavaria together with a gift, which the mayor also praised.


Minister schulze promises a fresh start in climate protection

minister schulze promises a fresh start in climate protection

The federal government is taking the next step in climate protection: on wednesday, it adopted a detailed roadmap for this purpose, thus putting into practice the basic agreement it reached in september.

Germany is to achieve its climate target for the year 2030 with incentives and a price for greenhouse gas emissions.

The cabinet also approved a climate protection law that stipulates that individual ministers will in future be responsible for complying with annual greenhouse gas savings targets in their area of responsibility. This means that the first law from the climate package will now go to the bundestag. Further plans, for example to increase the aviation tax, are to follow in the next few months.


Competition lurks in the net

Competition lurks in the net

Ordering a book quickly from your laptop on the sofa just before midnight, or the latest wooden doll's pram for your little one, or a brand-name shoe in the size you tried on in the afternoon in your local shoe store – more and more people are taking advantage of online shopping. This is slowly becoming a problem not only for the retail trade in hochstadt.

One sector that suffers particularly from the internet is the book trade. Elke reitmayer draws attention to her bookstore with some curtained shop windows. "Without us, something f.Hlen" it says on the posters and "leave the click in your city". The bookstore owner has joined the campaign, which is already more widespread in northern germany.

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