The next top team awaits the heitec volleys eltmann

The next top team awaits the heitec volleys eltmann

Another tough task for the heitec volleys eltmann in the national volleyball league: on wednesday evening (19.30 o’clock) the last team in the table receives the second team of the table, the alpenvolleys unterhaching, in the georg-schafer-hall.

Coach marco donat’s team showed how it can work against a league heavyweight 14 days ago, when it defeated vfb friedrichshafen 3-2 in a tightly contested encounter.

And a point not to be sneezed at is that the eltmanners have been unbeaten in the georg schafer hall for a year and a half. If it’s up to heitec top scorer irfan hamzagic, that’s how it should stay. "We have proven that we can beat any team at home", says the diagonal attacker. But hamzagic does not expect a self-runner: "unterhaching has a quality team with a lot of good players."


Burkardroth: a plan for the future

Burkardroth: a plan for the future

The municipal councils are thinking ahead: the market town of burkardroth wants to prepare itself for the next 15 to 20 years with a development program. The principles and objectives were unanimously approved by the municipal council at its most recent meeting after the summer break.

Many points in view

The project goes back to 2015. "The result after the first special meeting in march 2016 was that we get input for it", mayor waldemar bug (odp) said in retrospect. In further meetings, the goals and principles of the community development program were worked out. "Topics included public transport, tourism, economic aspects and local amenities." The contents are to be worked out together with the population.

The only issue that required discussion was the name of the project. "The name "market development program" (MEP) gives me a sinking feeling, said bug. "Markets exist in bavaria, but not in all other federal states." Municipalities from other federal states that were pursuing a similar goal did not know what the MEP was talking about. The committee therefore decided on the name community development program (GEP) for the market in burkardroth.


Polls: grunen-hohenflug stops – majority for new election

Polls: grunen-hohenflug stops - majority for new election

After their record result in the european elections, the greens continue to soar unchecked in the polls for the federal elections as well.

In the ARD "deutschlandtrend," they landed in first place for the first time with 26 percent (up 6 compared to the previous month), ahead of the union with 25 percent (down 3). In the latest forsa poll, they had already overtaken the CDU/CSU a few days ago. In the ZDF "political barometer" of the election research group, they are still just behind the union with 26 percent and 27 percent respectively.

The SPD continues to plummet after its european election defeat and the resignation of party leader andrea nahles. Their score drops six points in the "deutschlandtrend" to a low of 12 percent. This puts it even behind the afd with 13 percent (plus 1). The FDP remains unchanged at 8 percent, the left loses two points and comes in at seven percent.


Streaming giant netflix stumbles?

streaming giant netflix stumbles?

Netflix is currently receiving a lot of interest for its scary series "stranger things"; the same cannot be said of the online video service’s most recent quarterly report. At least from an investor’s perspective, the numbers are also scary, but in this case, it’s anything but positive.

The weak development is also due to higher prices, but comes highly inopportune. Now, of all times, the hollywood empire and the tech stronghold silicon valley are hunting for the streaming market leader.

These figures shocked shareholders: in the three months to the end of june, netflix added just 2.7 million new paid subscriptions worldwide, according to the online video service in los gatos, california. In the USA, netflix bubbled even 130.000 customers. Investors accustomed to success are not familiar with such weaknesses – the last time the company experienced a similar flop was in 2011, when it spun off its DVD distribution business.


Ramelow gives thuringia’s afd spokesman moller the middle finger

Ramelow gives thuringia's afd spokesman moller the middle finger

Moller, who is also the afd’s state spokesman, spoke during a discussion about the handling of NSU files about the office for the protection of the constitution, which he called a scandal-plagued agency. "Who has been watching all the great things, hasn’t it, mr. Ramelow??", moller finally said in the direction of the thuringian head of government. Ramelow then gave moller the middle finger.

Bodo ramelow was actually monitored by the constitutional protection agency for years. However, the federal constitutional court ruled that the years of monitoring were unconstitutional.

Thuringia’s CDU faction sharply criticized ramelow’s action. Ramelow and the afd are abusing parliament "for their unsavory sandbox games," declared the parliamentary manager of the CDU faction, andreas buhl. He spoke of a "disrespect for the state parliament".


Discount website groupon continues to lose millions

discount website groupon continues to lose millions

Even in the final quarter, for which analysts had expected a profit, groupon lost 43 million dollars. It was the first quarterly report since groupon went public. The stock temporarily lost 10.50 percent to 22 dollars in early new york trading. In the meantime, the share price had already fallen below the issue price of 20 dollars. Groupon is the market leader in the discount business, but is beset by rivals like livingsocial.

At the same time, groupon continues to grow rapidly. Quarterly sales jump from 172.2 to 506.2 million dollars within one year. The company also attributes the high loss to rapid expansion. Due to the expansion of the international business and the establishment of a new administrative location in switzerland, the tax payment of 34.8 million dollars was significantly higher than expected, explained chief financial officer jason child.

Co-founder and chief executive andrew mason said he was pleased with the company’s performance. Groupon has "saved billions of dollars" for its now more than 33 million users and boosted the businesses of 250,000 local companies in 47 countries. The company, based in chicago, is also active in germany. Groupon recently won telekom as a partner for mobile offers.


Congratulations! Alois frohling celebrates 80. Birthday

Congratulations! Alois frohling celebrates 80. Birthday


The federal cross of merit in 2017, the appointment as honorary citizen of the market town of schwarzach in 2015 and an honor by district administrator tamara bischof for extraordinary commitment in the service of the general public were the most outstanding awards among many others for the fun-loving and extremely active jubilarian alois frohling from schwarzach, who does not look 80 years old at all. "You can’t add up all the honors my husband has received," said proudly his wife viktoria, who had married him in horblach, his birthplace, in 1957. Their two sons, gottfried and christoph, have meanwhile given them six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. After a commercial apprenticeship, frohling had worked for 33 years at the gauer company in kitzingen and then for another 15 years in wurzburg. "Exactly in the year 2000 i retired – but then things really took off," said the birthday boy. Cycling many kilometers every day and intensively tending his beautiful garden are among his sporting activities. Until recently he was also an enthusiastic skier, "but now the knees no longer cooperate," says the schwarzacher. In addition to being a member of the town council for ten years, frohling is also chairman of the trinity association in stadtschwarzach, has been a cobbler in the church in horblach for 65 years and has also been in stadtschwarzach for 25 years. He is currently planning to celebrate his 50th birthday as a pilgrimage leader. For the first time, he talks about the pilgrimage to gobweinstein, in which he has already participated 65 times. "Alois has more than earned his honorary citizenship," said mayor volker schmitt in praise of him – and a guest from the numerous congratulators expressed the hope that "alois will remain with us for a long time to come.


Indications of u.s. Surveillance of merkel’s cell phone

Indications of u.s. surveillance of merkel's cell phone

The chancellor therefore telephoned U.S. President barack obama. She stressed that this would represent "a serious breach of trust". The weibe haus declared in a reaction that merkel was not being spied on.

According to the portal "spiegel online", which first reported on the topic, "spiegel" research had triggered the reaction of the federal government. The german intelligence services initially did not comment. The federal intelligence service and the federal office for the protection of the constitution did not want to comment on the incident when asked by dpa on wednesday evening. The federal office for information security, which is responsible for protecting government communications, could not be reached for comment on wednesday evening.

Merkel made it clear to obama that if the indications prove true, she "unequivocally disapproves of such practices and regards them as completely unacceptable," as seibert put it. Among close partners, as germany and the U.S. Have been for decades, there should be no monitoring of the communications of a head of government. Such practices had to be stopped immediately.


Personnel debate in the csu: pressure on seehofer increases

personnel debate in the csu: pressure on seehofer increases

Former bavarian minister president gunther beckstein says it is generally understandable that the CSU is discussing a change in party leadership: "i resigned as minister president with a result of 43.8 percent" the CSU politician told the radio station bayern 2 on friday. Now the CSU has received less than 39 percent in bavaria. "So it is only natural that there should be some discussion."

Beckstein, however, does not expect a renewed personnel debate about the political future of CSU leader horst seehofer before the party congress in mid november: "after the election results, all responsible bodies have agreed that the personnel debate will be put on hold during the coalition negotiations."

According to beckstein, the poor result of the CSU in the federal elections has nothing to do with a lack of conservative party profile. "We had not had the right flank open. But the question is, to what extent people believed us that we would actually enforce the upper limit", said the CSU politician. He thus contradicted – as had party colleague peter gauweiler earlier – the analysis of the CSU leadership for the election results. After the bundestag elections, seehofer demanded that the union should "flank to the right" remained.