Catholics in herzogenaurach receive the ash cross

Catholics in Herzogenaurach receive the ash cross

In the morning, a large number of believers came to celebrate mass in the parish church. Ash wednesday marks the beginning of the 40-day fasting period until easter, during which the five sundays of the fast and palm sunday are exempt from payment.

The ashes had been burned by the city parish priest helmut hetzel in the services in the city parish church st. He blessed the virgin mary magdalene before drawing the cross of ashes on the foreheads of the faithful together with father vincent chettiar. For hetzel, the 40-day fast is commonplace, with many taking it upon themselves to make changes in their lives. The number 40 is a significant number in the bible. So the people of israel spent 40 years in the wilderness and jesus, like the prophet elijah, spent 40 days in the wilderness. It is a time of purification.

Many were still amused on tuesday and should continue to be so. Because it is a matter of changing attitudes, and not so much about superficialities. As the prophet joel had already said: "rend your hearts, not your garments, and turn to the lord your god!"


Three parties, three ideas for the future of the volkach open-air swimming pool

Three parties, three ideas for the future of the volkach open-air swimming pool

Who will decide on the future of the volkach open-air swimming pool?? The old or new city council? Before christmas, it seemed as if the city council would prefer to leave this important decision to the new committee. But now there is movement in the discussion.

The SPD in volkach was the first to venture into the public arena when it held a meeting on 13 march. January submitted an application for the general renovation of the facility. In it, dieter sollner demands on behalf of his group that the "open-air swimming pool be retained in its existing form" to maintain and renovate. "The current rough with swimmer, non-swimmer and baby/children’s pool" should be maintained.

SPD manover for the municipal elections?

Exactly this "maximum demand stobt bei CSU-fraktionspprecher heiko bauerlein auf unverstandnis. Unfortunately, the SPD does not make any statement on the financing of the project, which is worth more than seven million euros. "How are we supposed to achieve intercommunal cooperation and motivate surrounding communities to cooperate if we, on the part of the city, strive for the most expensive variant??", it asks in an e-mail to this editorial office. Bauerlein is even more explicit in that he suspects: "the request is probably due to the upcoming election…?" It cannot be that the necessary renovation of the outdoor pool (with a seasonal opening time) is more expensive than the general renovation of the indoor pool.


A separate passport for each child

A separate passport for each child

Book your trip, pack your suitcase, let's go. Unfortunately it is not that easy anymore. Before the vacation with the children the course to the passport office may not be missing any more.
Since the 26th. June it is no longer sufficient to register your child in the passport of the parents for the vacation abroad. In the meantime, every child must have its own passport. The child passport must be applied for even for newborns. However, it is only valid until the twelfth year of life. "This is new", reports veronika bosse from the passport office kitzingen. "Previously, the passport was valid until 16. Valid for the first year of life."

Agreement of both parents

For children's passports, the consent of the guardian is required. The passport office in kitzingen has found a work-friendly solution for this problem. So that both parents don't have to show up at the office, one of the legal guardians can sign a declaration of consent and give it to his or her partner. Not every passport office does this because of the risk of falsification, but veronika bosse and her colleagues have had no bad experiences with it so far. "It's just a matter of both parents knowing that the child will get a passport. Until now it has worked very well", explains bosse. "Problems are more likely to arise with divorced couples who share custody of children. There are also differences of opinion sometimes."


Mourning in rodelsee: gerhard eyselein dies unexpectedly

mourning in rodelsee: gerhard eyselein dies unexpectedly

Deep mourning and sadness in rodelsee. On the evening of the third anniversary, 6. January, died unexpectedly at the age of 55 years, local councillor gerhard eyselein.

"A place will remain empty in the future, a dear, committed and courageous person has unfortunately gone from us much too early", writes the rodelsee CSU on its facebook page. Gerhard eyselein was popular in the village, his straightforward and honest manner was appreciated. In the municipal council. In the village. At the wine festival society, of which he was a director.

Coming from abtswind, he has quickly settled in rodelsee. In addition to his commitment to the wine festival, eyselein, who recently turned 55, was also responsible for the TSV as chairman.


Plus and minus at bamlit

Plus and minus at bamlit

20 months after the relevant district committees approved 22,000 euros for an "international literature festival in the bamberg region" after the bamberg literature festival (bamlit) was approved by the district council's culture and sports committee in 2016 and 2017, it was presented to the committee.

The calculation worked out, at least according to the figures presented by renate kuhhorn, head of the culture and sports department at the district office, and gaby heyder, managing director of the "bamberger literaturfestival UG" presented. In the first edition of 2016, there was a minus of 25.05 euros in the interim balance sheet. In view of the grants from the upper franconia foundation and the city of bamberg that have been approved but not yet paid out, we will be in the black in 2017.

However, there are huge differences in the composition of the numbers compared to the planning (see adjacent box). For example, 45,000 euros in EU receivables were omitted. On the other hand, the income from admission fees is many times higher than the estimated 7000 euros. At almost 80,000 euros, admission fees covered almost half of total costs in 2017.


Cortese again on the podium – neukirchner crashes

Cortese again on the podium - neukirchner crashes

"A pity it wasn’t enough for the win. But he’ll come, I’m sure of it," said the berkheim rider, who was able to laugh again after the champagne shower on the podium. In contrast to the surprise winner romani fenati from italy, who was only 16 years old, cortese, like the second-placed spanish rider luis salom, was presented with a magnum bottle of the fine wine – but he did not share it with the youngster.

In the moto2 class, max neukirchner from stollberg suffered the next setback. After a technical defect slowed him down at the opening race, he failed to finish this time on stefan bradl’s world champion bike from the previous year after a crash and once again failed to score any points. The race, which was stopped on lap 19 due to. Spanish driver pol espargaro won the race, which was abandoned on lap 19 due to rain.

In the world championship ranking, however, it depends on every payer. The female also cortese and therefore held his enttauschung in limits. "This year the consistency pays and you can afford only a few mistakes. So I’m satisfied, and the team is doing a great job," said the KTM rider, who started the race from second place on the grid.


Team new zealand sails away in america’s cup

Team new zealand sails away in america's cup

Defender oracle team USA stands in the 34. Duel for the america’s cup with the back to the wall. Challengers emirates team new zealand need just three points to win the tournament.

The americans had to win ten more times to defend the snuffed silver pot. The most successful olympic sailor in history is expected to help out. Instead of john kostecki, four-time olympic champion ben ainslie is now calling the shots.

The new zealanders dominated their opponents on the course between golden gate bridge and alcatraz also in races six and seven and increased their score to 6:-1. After just one win so far, larry ellison’s sailing team is still struggling to get the second of the two jury penalty points for boat tampering from the cup apron removed.


Luitz in fourth place after oxygen turmoil: “back on course”

Luitz in fourth place after oxygen turmoil: 'back on course'

Stefan luitz raised his fist in the air in relief at the finish line, then immediately gave his girlfriend a little kiss. After turbulent and grueling days, the skier was as happy about his fourth place as he was about a podium finish.

"It was really a brutal fight. But i took it and i’m really happy with myself," said the allgauer after the giant slalom in saalbach-hinterglemm, which was surprisingly won by the slovenian zan kranjec and which ended an impressive series of successes of the austrian world cup dominator marcel hirscher.

Luitz, however, confirmed his rising form after the recent turmoil over a forbidden oxygen inhalation and the threatening disqualification of his first world cup victory in beaver creek. On sunday before in the giant slalom of alta badia he had as 20. Still disappointed, the day after there was a first ray of hope with fifth place in the parallel giant slalom. "The energy that i didn’t have is back now," said the 26-year-old. "Now hopefully it will continue."


Instructions for the mouth robbery: harvest fruit for free

Instructions for the mouth robbery: harvest fruit for free

Apples rot in the ditch, plums roll onto the field path: tons of delicious french fruit spoil every year without anyone taking care of them. At the same time, consumers buy fruit and vegetables in the supermarket that have been flown halay around the world. You can save yourself some of this: the internet site mundraub.Org wants to put an end to waste and reveals where everyone can legally harvest fruit, vegetables, herbs and nuts for free.

Map shows the way
An interactive map shows abandoned and forgotten trees or shrubs all over germany. There are also some fruit trees on public land in franconia: apple trees next to the campus bus stop in bayreuth; not much further on, the map shows apples and plums on a local connecting road. They were entered only two weeks ago by a mundraub user. The marking of two pear and four apple trees in elfernshausen near hammelburg is just as old. Significantly older, on the other hand, are the sour small plums, apples and mirabelles not far from bamberger sandstrabe.

Free fruit for free burgers
Users should note that it is not always guaranteed that the fruits listed on the internet are still there – and not already harvested. And you have to find the right time: if you're looking for cherries now, you'll only find them in the supermarket. But the fruits of autumn can currently be picked from the roadside in many places. From anyone who happens to be passing by or is specifically looking for it as a mouth-robber. Free fruit for free burgers. This is the motto of the mouth-robbing community.
On the homepage everyone can register and become a mouth pirate themselves. There are a few rules to follow: if you put a spot on the map or harvest a mouth tree, make sure you don't violate any property rights.


Australia floods: nathalia evacuated

australia floods: nathalia evacuated

Danger of broken creek flooding at least 700 homes in town intensifies. "If the water breaks through here, the whole place could be a meter and a half underwater," the spokesman, stephen warren, told radio station ABC. "This could quickly put lives in danger."

Firefighters and volunteers do what they can to plug every leak. The aluminum dam that reinforces the earthen dikes was still holding on thursday, but the water pressure was so high that the straws could be spooled underneath.

Nathalia, about 230 kilometers north of melbourne, was the youngest victim of the flooding disaster that submerged an area in the southeast of the continent more than half the size of lake constance. The actual riverbeds of the lachlan and murrumbidgee were no longer visible on satellite images. The banks on both sides were five kilometers under water in places. "Here, the water is no longer just flowing in the riverbed toward the mouth, but is coming from all directions," emergency services coordinator phil campbell said on television. The town of forbes on the lachlan looked from the air like three islands in a rough sea. There the water continued to rise on thursday.