“Sad high point”: the hopp escalation and its consequences

FC bayern munchen shone for more than an hour in sinsheim – then the overwhelming 6:0 (4:0) became a minor matter.

Coach hansi flick, the professionals around the raging david alaba and serge gnabry as well as board member oliver kahn stood in the pouring rain in front of their own fan curve and interfered with the supporters. What happened?

THE CLASH: one banner was enough, and referee christian dingert interrupted the game for the first time. FC bayern fans held up banners against hoffenheim’s mazen dietmar hopp, the wording of which was deeply offensive. Basically, they wanted to protest against the reintroduced DFB collective punishment against the fans of borussia dortmund, who had been banned for insults against the player from hoffenheim. Again hopp was the target. The bavarians rushed to the curve, gesticulating wildly at the fans one, to hang up the poster. It worked – but only temporarily. Ten minutes later, the next banner was unveiled, and dingert blew his whistle again.


Kreuzberg: myth and place of cheerfulness

kreuzberg: myth and place of cheerfulness

On the weekend of the 5. And 6. May takes place in hallerndorf the kreuzbergfest. If the weather is fine, hundreds of visitors will again be treated to french delicacies, beer and other delicacies at the fube of the ancient kreuzbergkirchlein on the three beer cellars.
The festival is held every year on the weekend after the "finding of the cross" instead of. The solemn vespers in the kreuzberg church with pastor matthias steffel will take place on saturday, 3. May, at 5 p.M. The festive service on sunday at 10 a.M.30 o'clock celebrates pastor siegfried schrauder.

At 5 p.M. The parish community invites you to the start of the sunday may devotions. The celebratory preacher is brother benedict, the devotion is musically framed by the willersdorfer church choir.
Just in time for the kreuzberg festival, historian hans schaub presents his book about the historic kreuzberg church, which celebrated its 550th anniversary last year. Birthday celebrated. This is now the fifth historical work by the pautzfelders.

Previously, schaub had written, among other things, a biography of levi strauss. The book later served as the basis for a film adaptation by the television station arte.


Marktzeuln did not like expanded gravel mining by the schramm company

The larvae pollution would be enormous, an increased volume of heavy traffic would be the consequence. Therefore, the preliminary building application of the company heinrich schramm from trieb, which had already been discussed in the september meeting of the market town council of marktzeuln, was not approved by the town councillors.

This preliminary building application was unanimously rejected at the meeting on monday evening in the TSV gymnasium. Mayor gregor friedlein-zech (independent citizens) explained that marktzeuln has already suffered from sand mining for decades. Now another 3.7 hectares were to be used for clay, sand and gravel extraction with subsequent refilling. In the building committee already a clearly rejecting attitude had been recognizable. In order to prevent illegal action by the market town council, advice was sought from lawyer kollerer.

So far, clay, sand and gravel are mined on 23 hectares. The controversial new 3.7 hectares are currently used for agriculture. They are not considered priority areas for dismantling. A cataloged list with a map shows such priority areas. There are no such designated areas in marktzeuln.


Taize devotion after christmas weekend

Taize devotion after christmas weekend

An hour of silence and light. It is good for the soul. You can feel it. Entering a space of silence. Lighting a candle: for god, for a person, for a wish. Take a seat. Finding peace. Meditative, introductory songs. Reading from the bible. Silence. Prayer. Blessings. No more. That is enough.

The taize service with dean andreas krefft in the sandberg church was the ideal end to a turbulent weekend of the first advent markets, santa claus, christmas music and mulled wine. Meditative singing, prayers and a long time of silence invited to come to rest, to find one's own center and to trace the presence of god in the community. It was a different way of spending a sunday, to recharge the soul.

Invited and welcome was everyone who longed to come to rest by candlelight, to praise god in community with others, and to open up to him for personal encounter. The very simple form of the evening prayer is based on the liturgy of taize, an ecumenical brotherhood in burgundy, france. Contemplative singing, short readings and silence alternate and form the simple framework for the common prayer.


Gas for community center

The future village community center for warmersdorf, which is planned as an annex to the existing fire station, is to be supplied with heat via a gas boiler.
After lively discussion, the council decided in the meeting on thursday for this type of energy supply. A decision that had to be made at an early stage in order to increase the chance of receiving grants. These are to remain from the eler program, a european demand program for the development of the rural area.
The decision was difficult because the village community center is not used continuously, but probably only sporadically. A photovoltaic system was out of the question for the council, as it would only supply sufficient energy for a few months of the year. For the cold season, a second source of energy would have to be added.
"For practical reasons, there is a lot to be said for a gas boiler", the proposal of the municipal administration. A small gas tank could be placed in the basement or on the property.
Compared to other systems, the investment was relatively modest. In view of the cost framework that warmersdorf has set itself, gas is a good choice, according to third mayor lorenz dietsch.
Councilman reinhold roder from warmersdorf also spoke out in favor of gas, since it can be used to heat quickly and as needed.


Swedish minister: harassment also in politics

Swedish minister: harassment also in politics

"I don’t want to talk about it too personally, but I can confirm that this is happening at the highest political level and that even I have experienced it," she told the swedish news agency TT.

On facebook, wallstrom joined the "#metoo" campaign. Women report abuse and harassment under this keyword. Wallstrom did not specify which incident she was referring to.

In 2014, the swedish politician had reported in a book about sexual harassment at a dinner with several EU heads of state and government. "Suddenly i feel a hand on my thigh. My table neighbor began to grope me. That was completely unreal," she wrote at the time. Wallstrom did not mention the name of the person sitting next to him at the table. She had complained about him, but did not know if there had been any consequences.


One day after her election: “miss turkey 2017” loses title because of critical tweet

One day after her election: 'miss turkey 2017' loses title because of critical tweet

Esen had tweeted a text message about the coup attempt in turkey. The organizing committee said the controversial tweet was unacceptable and incompatible with the goal of promoting turkey’s image in the world.

"I bleed for our martyrs

According to the newspaper sozcu on the anniversary of the attempted putsch, esen had written: "i got my period this morning to celebrate martyrs’ day on the 15th of march. July to celebrate. I celebrate the day by bleeding for our martyrs."

The organizers announced on friday that they had come to the conclusion that the twitter message had indeed come from the 18 year old esen. The runner-up in the competition, asli sumen, has won the "miss turkey" award-title is now awarded.


Identity of dead wolf clarified: mother run over in accident

Certainty about the identity of the wolf: in the accident at the beginning of september on the road from pegnitz to plech in the district of bayreuth a car driver hit a wolf. The animal died at the scene of the accident, according to a police spokesman. The car had only grazed the wolf, which is why no more serious damage was done to the car, according to the deutsche presse agency.

Mother wolf run over: nine young animals remain behind

The animal was taken to the state office for the environment for further examination and identification. According to the authority, a wolf was detected in the veldenstein forest for the first time in april 2017. In the summer of last year a pair of wolves was observed. A few days ago, four young wolves from the first litter of the parent animals ran in front of a wildlife camera. Initially it was assumed that the animal was one of the young ones. The state office for environmental protection now confirms that the dead wolf is the mother animal.

In response to a question from the bavarian radio station, a spokeswoman for the state office for the environment explained that the young animals are no longer suckled and are therefore able to survive without their mothers. The father and the older siblings could now take care of the young animals.


Fire in mistelfeld hits hosen meier hard

fire in mistelfeld hits hosen meier hard

"I was on the scene five minutes after the alarm, but everything was already ablaze", says district fire inspector hermann schuberth. About 1.45 o'clock on saturday a cab driver had discovered the fire in a wooden annex of the company hosen-meier.

The emergency services were quickly on the scene, with around 150 firefighters, THW, rescue workers and police arriving. They were able to prevent the fire from spreading to the company building itself, and a nearby residential building also remained unharmed.

The company owner had stored forestry equipment and machinery in the annexe. They were completely destroyed in the fire. The eaves facade of the firmengebaudes was also badly damaged by heat and rubbing.


Karlheinz ostreicher celebrates anniversary of service at the district court

Karlheinz ostreicher celebrates anniversary of service at the district court

His 40. Service anniversary celebrated by judicial officer karlheinz ostreicher at kulmbach district court. District court director christoph berner thanked ostreicher for his decades of outstanding work in the service of the bavarian judiciary and presented him with a certificate of gratitude.

At the 3. September 1979 the jubilarian entered the preparatory service of the higher judicial service. After completing his training at the district court of nurnberg, he worked at the district courts of hersbruck and wunsiedel and for 13 years at the district court of bayreuth. Ostreicher has been head of the kulmbach district court since september 2005.

In the course of his decades of activity, he has been involved in all the duties of a judicial officer. He has a wealth of experience and a high level of professional competence, says berner. In all his areas of responsibility, he has proven to be a universally respected, absolutely reliable, very knowledgeable and extremely experienced member of the judiciary. This also applies in particular to his many years of service as head of the district court of kulmbach.