Encounter between cult discs

Encounter between cult discs

Record borsen are places of encounter. The people of lichtenfels are always there – or where else can you meet a catholic sister and the president of the franken fastnacht association?? Scenes, language and background to an event for specialists, originals, enthusiasts and seekers.

"Music is more than just a file…" It’s written like a headline on the orange flyer, which is available in stacks at the entrance to the AC hall. This sentence is a basic attitude, and it belongs to stefan mine. The thuringer is the organizer of the record and cd fair, and his passion is music that is still tangible, that can be purchased as vinyl or cd, that doesn’t just come out of loudspeakers disconnected from everything, but is a document – for bands and their stories, for the design of albums, for zeitgeist in notes.

It’s saturday and stefan mein is here, tomorrow he will be in wurzburg with his assortment. It was easy to find a hall for the event, he says, because there’s nothing going on in halls at the moment.

So the lps and souvenirs, the cds and special editions are on pedestals. The AC has provided these, and they are actually the hinged tribunes that are usually used in wrestling matches.

For half a year, my corona was with his treasures on no borsen, now it is possible again, and the man enjoys it, especially the shop talk with other traders. Music is a passion, and the music is playing here today, even if it can’t be heard. Instead, one hears the murmuring of the visitors, hears the rummaging of nimble fingers in the shelves in which the lps and cds are sorted. For some it sounds like a dull breath of air, for others it clicks. It was allowed to go into the hundreds of thousands, what stands here in boxes and sorted by genre. Soul, jazz, folk, funk, heavy metal, hard rock, flower power, liedermacher, schlager and also classical music. He who seeks, finds. But there is one, the only one, the one that is something like the blue mauritius of records?

Johann mitterbauer knows exactly what I’m talking about. But he is relaxed about it. He seems very relaxed at all, sitting on a chair a meter away from the hall and smoking. "I am the hans", he says, his regensburg dialect not fitting in with the idea that he comes from jena. But there he has a recognized store for lps and CDS. The man is an institution and today here and tomorrow also in wurzburg. The thing with the one, unique record, that he can answer. There is, for example, a beatles lp that was an unsold sample, only used for testing, and was pressed in 1964 by the amiga label in the germany. It’s rarity that pays here, and according to mitterbauer, there are two people in the world who have them. One of them is himself. He puts the value of this plate "somewhere between four and five figures" a. He bought it "very favorably, very". At this reminder, a quiet smile appears on his striking face, and then he tells of the strains of unloading at the AC hall. His stand is almost twelve meters long, and he had a lot to do. "I started at 7 a.M. And finished at 10 a.M." In his store he not only buys and sells lps and cds, but also has a record washing machine. No, it’s not about selling alone, he says. It was easy to get in touch with other dealers and collectors, to exchange ideas again. Corona had stopped this.

Which brings us to the ever-present topic of. Music plays a role here, but so do rules and regulations. The direction of the visitors is predetermined, more than 50 are not allowed at the stands of the 15 handlers, masks are compulsory, and disinfectant is also available on a table. That is the pragmatic, but alreadyes gives it here likewise. For example, at the stand of markus sauter from heilbronn. A "semi-professional, as he calls himself, but for that the man has an eye for the preparation of the goods, for the draping. The stand is an eye-catcher, as discarded records serve as display boards for the respective music styles. "My stand is often photographed, for example at festivals as an opener for websites – this has happened three or four times", he reports. He sees a trend towards the 80s, which are now increasingly in demand, and synthpop lps in particular have risen in value. Also for sauter it is the first market since march, and it is more about coming out and being together with other dealers and music collectors than about selling.

It is surprising enough that you meet marco anderlik here, because actually the president of the fastnacht-verband franken e.V. Not from the industry. The same applies to the woman who has a small stand next to him and is a catholic sister named christiane. Jene tries to sell her parents’ estate and has a hard time with the schlagers and dreamboat melodies against rammstein, rolling stones and pink floyd. Anderlik is also represented on behalf of a widow with a not very desirable estate assortment from viennese classical music, couplets and operettas. "I take advantage of the time and have a nice morning here", he speaks and remains amused.

One of them, who got really sound and seems to be an original, came all the way from saalfeld. Ingo rechenbach is the man’s name and he sounds knowledgeable about GDR hits and hits in general. Then he unpacks: from the archives of dieter thomas heck he owns records, which were once sent to him for sampling by the record companies. And concerning ralph siegel he tells that he loves to get international versions of each of his german hits. This is what the man is looking for, who can say that he has had a broadcast on burgerradio SRB and is personally acquainted with roberto blanco. Music tells stories. On borsen more than just a file.

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