Fire in mistelfeld hits hosen meier hard

fire in mistelfeld hits hosen meier hard

"I was on the scene five minutes after the alarm, but everything was already ablaze", says district fire inspector hermann schuberth. About 1.45 o'clock on saturday a cab driver had discovered the fire in a wooden annex of the company hosen-meier.

The emergency services were quickly on the scene, with around 150 firefighters, THW, rescue workers and police arriving. They were able to prevent the fire from spreading to the company building itself, and a nearby residential building also remained unharmed.

The company owner had stored forestry equipment and machinery in the annexe. They were completely destroyed in the fire. The eaves facade of the firmengebaudes was also badly damaged by heat and rubbing.

Bales of fabric are unusable

But what is more important: "hosen meier has its sample workshop in mistelfeld", says schuberth. Many bales of fabric had been stored in a roughly 50-square-meter room for this purpose. "Although only a few of the bales themselves caught fire, the smoke rendered the materials unusable. The storeroom was quite full."

Therefore, the police estimates the damage to a total of 400.000 euro. No persons were harmed. The cause of the fire is still unclear. The criminal investigation department of the coburg police has started on-site investigations.

The company hosen-meier exists since the year 1965 and was originally a pure trouser factory. Today, 1,000 pairs of pants are produced daily at four locations, plus a factory outlet in mistelfeld, a sales outlet in bad staffelstein and the fashion boutique B&G moden in dorfles near coburg. Fashion of other brands is also offered there.

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