Fit for paris in just two years

Fit for paris in just two years

Asco has been training language professionals in coburg for over 60 years and works with many international companies. The second foreign language, spanish or french, can be learned during the two-year vocational training without any previous knowledge. At asco, in addition to the bavarian state exam for foreign language correspondents, students take an additional exam to become certified foreign language assistants. After completing the vocational training, graduates have the opportunity to enter the profession and continue their studies without a high school diploma. As a result, asco graduates can earn a bachelor’s degree in international business communication in a year at one of asco’s partner universities – or they can use their knowledge to jump into the workforce, such as justine seyfferth, a 2017 graduate who has been living and working in paris since august 2017. Asco managing director matthias schmidt-curio talked to her.

What exactly are you doing in paris?
Justine seyfferth: i work for a leading european online retailer for shoes and accessories. More precisely in its german customer service. Nevertheless, I can speak a lot of french at work, because, for example, all the programs are in french and all the entries in them are in french
programs have to be written in french.

How is life there?
Life here is great! Paris is a very inspiring city and even after five months here I still don’t feel like I’ve seen everything. Every day you find something new. The advantage of being from the EU and still under 25 is that pretty much everything is free. All museums and sights can be visited free of charge or at least at a reduced price. Lucky i’m only 19.

How was the start of your new life??
Not exactly easy. Being alone in such a rough city doesn’t necessarily make it easier – but that also strengthens your personality, and it didn’t take long to make the first contacts, and I don’t regret my decision at all.

Did you know from the beginning that you wanted to go abroad after your education??
In a way, yes, but my plans only really became concrete in the last two semesters of training. Since you learn relatively quickly at the asco that you can only learn a language if you also speak it. That’s why I then made intensive enquiries and planned everything.
Why did you go to asco after school??
I have always enjoyed languages, so I wanted to continue working on them. Of course, asco has a very good reputation, so that’s one of the reasons why i chose it. This reputation has only been confirmed. It is a very familiar atmosphere and you feel well taken care of. In the meantime, i can’t imagine not working with languages in the future, and i want to develop my language skills much, much further.

Which languages did you learn during your training??
I have decided to speak french in addition to the obligatory english language. Of course, I already had some knowledge of english from school. But with french i started at zero. I didn’t think at the beginning that it was possible to learn a language from scratch in two years. But with a little effort and enthusiasm for languages, this is definitely possible.

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