Forchheim: speeding in klosterstrabe?

Forchheim: speeding in klosterstrabe?

Forchheim the traffic rolls in forchheim. In the opinion of one reader, however, too quickly. Especially in klosterstrabe some cars were seen speeding up to 100 kilometers per hour. Here is zone 30.

The reader and resident of klosterstrabe, roland betz, overheard two young drivers in a restaurant in forchheim talking about the fact that you can easily drive between 80 and 100 km/h on klosterstrabe. Also because there are no police checks there.

These car races were mostly held at night. "One frightens and flinches downright, if the there vorbeidonnern ", says betz.

But apart from the suspected speeders, the general speed in klosterstrabe should be increased, says resident betz: "60 to 80 kilometers per hour is quite normal in the 30 zone."

Police controls

However, the forchheim police cannot confirm the accusations. "Klosterstrabe is not conspicuous as a speeding road", explains christian zapf of the forchheim police department. This is also confirmed by the head of the traffic department roland brutting and the driving instructor josef metzner.
"There are many complaints about suspected speeders", says zapf. But that is mostly just a feeling of the residents, he said. He also clarifies: "the klosterstrabe is also controlled by the police, just like any other street in forchheim."

Resident roland betz sees things differently: "on one occasion, the police officers checked in the middle of the day and in a clearly visible manner." The controllers could be recognized by the drivers, so that they took the fub off the gas in time, says betz.
In addition, a mobile warning system was set up in klosterstrabe. The smiley on it shows how fast people are driving. "The cars arrived at 60 to 70 kilometers per hour and then "slowed down", the resident remembers. However, this facility was only set up for four days. "It has to be installed permanently", finds betz.

30-mph sign

Coming from the marketplace, the 30 km/h traffic sign is placed at the beginning of hornschuch-allee. If you drive into a speed 30 zone, you have to stick to that speed. "Even the traffic circle, which is considered a turn, does not change the speed limit", says brutting.

So there is sufficient signage. Driving instructor metzner thinks that coarser signs could be installed, and that these "attract more attention on both sides of the road". In addition, after the traffic circle at the paradeplatz the zone 30 symbol could be painted on the road.

Slowing down the traffic

Metzner thinks, however, that drivers do not drive too fast on klosterstrabe during the day. "There are always parked cars on the right and on the left. They slow down traffic automatically."

Traffic on klosterstrabe could also be slowed down naturally. "To do this, you have to take away the right-of-way signs. Then it’s right before left", says the driving instructor. So drivers have to slow down constantly – the speed is reduced.

This idea also knows brutting. He thinks, however, that one should not intervene any more after the roadway reorganization. "People got used to it. If the right-of-way rules are changed, more accidents can occur", explains brutting. They had to remove the signs during the road reconstruction. "Now it is too late", says the head of the department.
For this reason a cyclist protection was installed on the road at the height of the sparkasse. This sudden sign on the road "confuse some drivers, so that they automatically slow down", says brutting.

Confusing street signs

The temporary traffic circle between paradeplatz and klosterstrabe may also be confusing for some traffic participants. The traffic light is still there, several traffic signs and a traffic circle. Brutting explains: "the goal is to install the traffic circle firmly."

However, this cannot be done yet, because the parade ground is being redesigned. One would like to wait first this transformation, in order not to affect the planning there.
If the speed of the klosterstrabe is not permanently reduced, roland betz and other residents are planning a signature campaign: "then demand that the city ensures with measures that here in the klosterstrabe is driven slowly."

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