Frechshaus becomes a calendar

Frechshaus becomes a calendar

The city is rushing up and this has consequences for the "nicest advent calendar in the world" at the town hall square. Because of the renovation, the town hall is supposed to be rusted in this year. Therefore, the windows of the town hall are no longer available for the advent calendar, explained mayor uwe kirschstein (SPD) to the city councilors in the finance committee.

The administration had thought about moving the advent calendar to the neighboring building of the town hall, i.E. To the frechshaus. But because its roof is leaking, a scaffold will be put up there as well – still in june – to repair the most necessary things. "The goal is to have the noise gone by november", said OB kirschstein. Then the advent calendar in the frechshaus could be prepared. 23 windows are there – the 24. "Turchen" become as "felt gate set up between rat- and frechshaus", announced uwe kirschstein.

Because the renovation of the town hall will occupy the city for a few more years; and because the building will therefore be covered in dust for a long time, the city administration has planned to keep the frechshaus "for a few years" during the advent season to the forchheimer advent calendar to convert. 

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