Gas for community center

The future village community center for warmersdorf, which is planned as an annex to the existing fire station, is to be supplied with heat via a gas boiler.
After lively discussion, the council decided in the meeting on thursday for this type of energy supply. A decision that had to be made at an early stage in order to increase the chance of receiving grants. These are to remain from the eler program, a european demand program for the development of the rural area.
The decision was difficult because the village community center is not used continuously, but probably only sporadically. A photovoltaic system was out of the question for the council, as it would only supply sufficient energy for a few months of the year. For the cold season, a second source of energy would have to be added.
"For practical reasons, there is a lot to be said for a gas boiler", the proposal of the municipal administration. A small gas tank could be placed in the basement or on the property.
Compared to other systems, the investment was relatively modest. In view of the cost framework that warmersdorf has set itself, gas is a good choice, according to third mayor lorenz dietsch.
Councilman reinhold roder from warmersdorf also spoke out in favor of gas, since it can be used to heat quickly and as needed.

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