Hackers attack eu council president van rompuy

Hackers attack eu council president van rompuy

Bloomberg cites unnamed north american security specialists who allegedly leaked detailed logs of the attacks to the news agency. The hackers had targeted investment banks or oil companies – or top european politicians and officials.

According to bloomberg, the datasets show that the attackers were able to reach the. July 2011 have accessed the mail server of the council. The interventions were documented for at least ten days, but they could also extend beyond that. Among those affected are eu council president and summit head herman van rompuy and anti-terrorism commissioner. During this period, the debate about the greek bailout flared up again particularly fiercely in the EU.

"Most private and public places are constantly the subject of cyber attacks," it hailed from the council. The hackers are using techniques originally developed by governments. Secret information was kept in the council in a special system without internet access. In addition, security precautions have been tightened over the past few years.

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