Identity of dead wolf clarified: mother run over in accident

Certainty about the identity of the wolf: in the accident at the beginning of september on the road from pegnitz to plech in the district of bayreuth a car driver hit a wolf. The animal died at the scene of the accident, according to a police spokesman. The car had only grazed the wolf, which is why no more serious damage was done to the car, according to the deutsche presse agency.

Mother wolf run over: nine young animals remain behind

The animal was taken to the state office for the environment for further examination and identification. According to the authority, a wolf was detected in the veldenstein forest for the first time in april 2017. In the summer of last year a pair of wolves was observed. A few days ago, four young wolves from the first litter of the parent animals ran in front of a wildlife camera. Initially it was assumed that the animal was one of the young ones. The state office for environmental protection now confirms that the dead wolf is the mother animal.

In response to a question from the bavarian radio station, a spokeswoman for the state office for the environment explained that the young animals are no longer suckled and are therefore able to survive without their mothers. The father and the older siblings could now take care of the young animals.

Wolfe has made his home in several places

The veldensteiner forest is an approximately 6000 hectare coarse forest area, which extends in the southern district of bayreuth. In bavaria, according to the state office, in addition to the pack living here, there are other wolves in the bayerischer wald national park, at the grafenwohr troop training area in the upper palatinate and in the rhon in lower franconia.

The wolf affair is also a topic in berlin. The cabinet decided in the summer that the animals could be shot more easily.

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