In action for safety around hochstadt

In action for safety around hochstadt

"We invested around 1800 volunteer hours in traffic safety last year.", siegfried nurnberger summarized. As chairman of the hochstadter verkehrswacht, he presented the work of his association in figures at the annual general meeting.

In 2018, 310 schoolchildren took their bike test, 340 children took part in the school road safety training course, and 54 school crossing guards and 50 adult school road helpers defused dangerous traffic situations. For these helpers, there are now 100 new neon yellow vests sponsored by the sparkasse foundation. Nurnberger is particularly proud of the number 0, because "there has not been a single accident at the crossings we guard, and that since we began our work around 50 years ago." The mayors of hochstadt, weisendorf, wachenroth, hemhofen and rottenbach also credit the traffic police for this success and thanked them at the meeting for their good cooperation.

After the reports of the board of directors there was a special honor for loyal members. Hans joachim schacher can look back on 50 years of service in the hochstader traffic patrol. "Actually, everyone knows me by the name of jochen," he said with a laugh, he said with a laugh, looking at his certificate. He was joined by the mayors of rottenbach, lonnerstadt and hemhofen, whose communities were also honored for 50 years of membership.

"I got all the communities on board at the same time", recalled schacher, who has devoted his life passionately to the subject of traffic and safety. He was particularly committed to the children. "I took more than 30,000 fourth-graders through the bike test, and I still know many of them today.", reported the former police officer.

Since the police and the traffic warden have a long history of cooperation, police chief superintendent sabine rohrer took the opportunity to introduce herself to the members of the association. Two months ago, she took over as head of the hochstadt police station and was impressed by the wide-ranging services and programs offered by the traffic police department.

Quick on the brakes

The association now wants to improve safety on the roads of the region with a new acquisition. A 4000-euro simulator allows users to test their reaction speed and better assess their own abilities. The structure is simple. Two pedals stand under the desk and are wired to a laptop computer. The screen then shows various scenes from road traffic, the test person has to react and press the brake pedal as quickly as possible. "You can choose between a speed of 20 to 100 km/h and add traffic lights or stop signs", explains nurnberger. From now on, the device will be used for traffic police activities such as driver training for senior citizens or motorcyclists and can also be made available for other purposes on request.

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