Indications of u.s. Surveillance of merkel’s cell phone

Indications of u.s. surveillance of merkel's cell phone

The chancellor therefore telephoned U.S. President barack obama. She stressed that this would represent "a serious breach of trust". The weibe haus declared in a reaction that merkel was not being spied on.

According to the portal "spiegel online", which first reported on the topic, "spiegel" research had triggered the reaction of the federal government. The german intelligence services initially did not comment. The federal intelligence service and the federal office for the protection of the constitution did not want to comment on the incident when asked by dpa on wednesday evening. The federal office for information security, which is responsible for protecting government communications, could not be reached for comment on wednesday evening.

Merkel made it clear to obama that if the indications prove true, she "unequivocally disapproves of such practices and regards them as completely unacceptable," as seibert put it. Among close partners, as germany and the U.S. Have been for decades, there should be no monitoring of the communications of a head of government. Such practices had to be stopped immediately.

U.S. Government spokesman jay carney said in washington in response to a question from a journalist: "the united states does not and will not monitor the chancellor’s communications."Obama had assured merkel of this in the telephone call. In addition, both had agreed on even closer cooperation between the intelligence services. Carney, however, did not address the past practices of the US intelligence services at his daily press conference.

The acting chancellor also called on the U.S. Side to clarify the possible total scope of such wiretapping practices against germany. She expected washington to answer questions the federal government had asked months ago. In the summer, information from ex-U.S. Intelligence agency employee edward snowden revealed that the NSA intelligence agency was also allegedly spying on the communications of burghers and politicians in germany in a crude manner. The federal government sought clarification from the u.S. After talks, it declared the accusation of mass spying of german data to be cleared up.

In its statement on wednesday, the german government added that, as a close ally of the united states, it expects "a clear contractual basis for the activities of the services and their cooperation" in the future.

Chancellery minister ronald poppalla (CDU) also informed the head of the parliamentary control committee, thomas oppermann (SPD), and his deputy michael grosse-bromer (CDU) on wednesday. In addition, "high-level talks" had taken place in berlin with representatives of the weiben haus and the u.S. Auben ministry. These talks had to be continued in order to clarify the facts of the case.

Oppermann said in berlin on wednesday evening: "if this accusation were true, it would be a very serious breach of trust."This must be "immediately and comprehensively clarified". Oppermann, who is also SPD parliamentary party leader, had accused merkel during the election campaign of not clearing up the NSA affair vigorously enough. Union interior expert hans-peter uhl told the "mitteldeutsche zeitung" (online): "the chancellor must of course be able to communicate in an obedient manner."He demanded that the parliamentary control committee deal with the matter as early as this friday.

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