Instructions for the mouth robbery: harvest fruit for free

Instructions for the mouth robbery: harvest fruit for free

Apples rot in the ditch, plums roll onto the field path: tons of delicious french fruit spoil every year without anyone taking care of them. At the same time, consumers buy fruit and vegetables in the supermarket that have been flown halay around the world. You can save yourself some of this: the internet site mundraub.Org wants to put an end to waste and reveals where everyone can legally harvest fruit, vegetables, herbs and nuts for free.

Map shows the way
An interactive map shows abandoned and forgotten trees or shrubs all over germany. There are also some fruit trees on public land in franconia: apple trees next to the campus bus stop in bayreuth; not much further on, the map shows apples and plums on a local connecting road. They were entered only two weeks ago by a mundraub user. The marking of two pear and four apple trees in elfernshausen near hammelburg is just as old. Significantly older, on the other hand, are the sour small plums, apples and mirabelles not far from bamberger sandstrabe.

Free fruit for free burgers
Users should note that it is not always guaranteed that the fruits listed on the internet are still there – and not already harvested. And you have to find the right time: if you're looking for cherries now, you'll only find them in the supermarket. But the fruits of autumn can currently be picked from the roadside in many places. From anyone who happens to be passing by or is specifically looking for it as a mouth-robber. Free fruit for free burgers. This is the motto of the mouth-robbing community.
On the homepage everyone can register and become a mouth pirate themselves. There are a few rules to follow: if you put a spot on the map or harvest a mouth tree, make sure you don't violate any property rights.

A real mouth-breather shares
Careful treatment of the trees, nature and the animals that live there should be a matter of course. A true pirate records his locations with as much detail as possible, shares his discoveries, tells others where to find them, and even gives away some fruit.

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