Jazz-fruhschoppen in herzogenaurach

Jazz-Fruhschoppen in herzogenaurach

The courtyard was once again packed with people for the jazz fruehschoppen by thomas fink and friends, hosted by the volkshochschule's "kultur grenzenlos" working group had invited.
Thomas fink surprises and delights again and again with the already legendary jazz-fruhschoppen and with top-class musicians. The jazz-fruhschoppen has long been a cult event in herzogenaurach.
The word "friends is to be taken literally, the five musicians seem to understand each other blindly, a wink of the eye or a "just start" is enough, by thomas fink. But fink was "keyboardless" for six days, as he stated at the beginning, because he was in hospital. "But I'm fine again, you'll hear it", the jazz pianist prepared the guests for a high-carat program.

A bob and a clap
During the music, fritz mensching also really bleeds, because he is not only an excellent musician, but he really rubs the audience along and the people bob and clap. Max kienastl, with an almost inexhaustible repertoire, is a perfect match for this. The music of the likeable and former musician of the bamberger symphoniker spans from jazz to swing hits to opera and classical music.
The "general manfred hartlieb's temperament is hard to see. Connoisseurs say he is a "walking encyclopedia of harmony, a stylist of the first rank and one of the constants in the french scene. Thomas fink and manfred hartlieb have known each other since their youth, and hartlieb already presented himself as "the general" before and has remained so to this day.

Without a stack of notes
The drummer once met thomas fink by chance and is said to have claimed that he plays the drums better than fink. He proved it and apparently it really was, because since then he has also been one of the friends.
Thomas fink has been inextricably linked with the french jazz scene since the 1960s. His fans speak of the "french oscar peterson" with his powerful swinging jazz piano.
Already after a few beats the musicians manage to make contact with the audience and do not let go until the end of the show. But not only his musicians are his "friends". "You are all friends, fink shouted to visitors in the courtyard of the bakery lang. And among friends there is also no fixed program and no pile of notes. What is played is what pleases and sparks, because thomas fink knows what the audience wants to hear.

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