Julian aims high as school spokesman

Julian aims high as school spokesman

Julian fick is a normal seventeen-year-old: he likes to sit with his friends, doesn't really know what he wants to do after school, and has a lot to do there – after all, he's about to graduate from high school. But julian also holds an office that only a fraction of his peers do: at the end of last year, the schoolboy from lulsfeld was elected district school representative – and since then he has had less and less time to meet up with his friends, think about his future, or prepare for exams and the like. To buffalo.

Nevertheless, julian is happy with the choice made by all the school representatives of the grammar schools in lower franconia. "I'm someone who likes to speak his mind", he declares confidently. "And school topics simply interest me – after all, I am a schoolteacher myself."

The opportunity to speak his mind has been strengthened by julian as district school spokesman. Not only does he chair the twice-yearly meeting of all school representatives in the district, he can also contribute his ideas at the state level – even if it's a lengthy process before they reach the top. "The state school conference only has the right to inform, propose and consult," he explains, he explains. "A lot of time passes before anything happens after endless discussions." The biggest – and most important – success of the school representatives association so far has been the installation of the school councils (SMV) on the state level itself.

Weekends planned
The state conference receives support from the the country schoolgirls association, a club in which julian is also a member. All in all, he spends a lot of time as a school representative – whether at school, district or state level. "The weekends are mostly planned", julian declares. So it is almost obligatory that he is not very active in his hometown lulsfeld. "I had to give up playing soccer after a few injuries", he says. "But now I had no time for it anyway."

Chauffeurs on the job
and some others have to take their time, too, so that julian can carry out his district school spokesman's office – after all, he doesn't have a driver's license yet. His parents – or the principal of gaibach high school, wolfgang kremer – often act as chauffeurs. He is basically very liberal towards the SMV. "I know that from other schools also quite differently." The liaison teachers marco konig, birgit pauli and martin redweik also always have an open ear for this. "Unfortunately, it is often forgotten that behind such an office there are many other people who are jointly responsible for the success" – for example, his deputies kai binkowsky, annina arnold and daniel schmidt at the school level and katharina storch at the district level.

Despite all the support, planning is now half of julian's life – after all, he is about to graduate from high school. Whether julian will run for office again next year is questionable in his own opinion "but i would like to successfully carry out the office in this period before i think about the election in the next school year in more detail". I am sure, however, that a suitable successor can be found." Maybe a normal 17-year-old will rise above himself again – just like julian is doing right now.

Election of a district school representative and his deputy are elected in bavaria by the school representatives during the district conference (BAT). There are a total of eight district school representatives – because two "school districts" make up the government district of upper bavaria are formed. You will be elected about a month after the election of the school representatives for a year.

Duties the district school spokesperson chairs the district conference, takes part in the state school conference and can be elected state school spokesperson there. In addition, they can put forward motions that are adopted as positions of the state school council. In his or her district, the school representative passes on information to the school spokespersons, with the approval of the ministerial representative, insofar as it is useful for the exchange of experience and the work of the school council. In addition, some of the district school spokespersons are voluntarily involved in the bavarian association of school girls.V., an association that provides a platform for all schoolchildren in bavaria to exchange experience, knowledge and skills.

Other types of schools the FOS/BOS have three districts. In the case of the main schools, there is still a city/county level with its own school representatives. For the six types of schools (forderschule, gymnasium, realschule, hauptschule, BOS/FOS and vocational schools), there are 40 district school representatives and 40 deputies in bavaria.

Since 2008, district school representatives have been officially elected for all types of schools in bavaria. Before that they were recognized by the ministry of education only for high schools.

Costs the costs incurred at the city, county, district and state level are borne by the state of bavaria within the framework of the available budget funds – which are, however, rather low.

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