Kronach celebrates “festival of colors

Kronach celebrates

In the train to kronach it was female. Female skirts, female t-shirts, female pants. Arrived at the train station in kronach, groups of young people walked towards schutzenplatz and talked about color bags and old clothes. They were on their way to the holi-festival.

At the schutzenplatz itself is nothing more female. Nothing more. Everything is gradually turning orange, blue, yellow, red and green. Organizer tobias heinlein assumes that there will be about 1600 colorful party people on schutzenplatz. "The atmosphere is awesome. We are totally satisfied, says heinlein and is covered from head to toe with paint.

Sunglasses as dust protection
Hourly the countdown is counted down and the visitors crowd together in front of the stage.Then it will be dusty. "Sunglasses are a must", say friends marie-theres (22) and laura (21). Suddenly the air turns colorful, the visitors throw the colored powder into the air.

"One is a child again", says 27-year-old kristin, who drove here from coburg together with her friend lisa.

Saskia (16) from marktrodach and carina (18) from friesen stand out from the colorful crowd. The clothes are not yet covered with paint. "We have just arrived", explains saskia. They are a little excited about their first countdown.

The holi festival starts at midday. Ines (26), viola (21) and natalie (18) from theisenort and hummendorf think it's great. "The colors come out best in the afternoon."
Geli (22) and linda (20) drove all the way from thuringia to attend the event. They learned about the holi-trend and the festival in kronach via television and facebook. "The mood is great!"

But at one question all visitors giggle. How do you get home so full of color?? Some people sit on the gauze bags or towels in the car. No one of them will go home on the train as female as they were in the beginning.

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