Kurbis creepy in bad rodachs therme nature

Kurbis creepy in bad rodachs therme nature

It becomes mystical on the 31st. October in the therme natur. "Halloween flutter" an action, whose participants were rewarded for their creativity, remains. In exchange for a carved crank bite, you get a relaxing gift. An offer not to be missed, especially by families.

"We spontaneously joined in", says doreen grosch, who made particularly spooky specimens with her twins hannes and stella (7). "There is one who has eaten a woman", stella describes the result of her work. The woman is a sugar pit that actually looks like two legs. Red hips as shoes and a piece of fabric as a skirt – the very spooky halloween scene is finished. "Bad rodach is our favorite spa, because the children are allowed to come in", explains doreen grosch. This pleases managing director stine michel and nancy grau from the spa naturally very much. They have thought up the action, which should contribute to a special decoration for the eve of all saints on tomorrow wednesday. What was extracted from the kurbis was processed by the grosch family into hearty kurbis muffins.

Several crank bites had already been given on saturday. Over the whole weekend many more were added. Anne and sascha lorz, together with their children vincent (5) and marie (3), had put in a good effort. They come regularly to the spa. "The children just want to go into the water", says sascha lorz. The thermal baths are the favorite because they are close by and also have a lot to offer for the children.

Originating in ireland, the halloween tradition later developed in the united states and then in the early 1990s in europe as a mystical spectacle on the evening before all saints’ day. For two years now, the therme natur has been making it a little highlight for its visitors. A number of surprises await the guests in bad rodach in the various experience areas. The guests of the sauna world could expect infusions with extraordinary special effects. The subsequent peeling offer will also be more than aubergewohnlich this evening, promises stine michel.

True to the motto, in the mystical hours of darkness, the staff of the supervision will be supported by ghosts, witches and all sorts of other night creatures in their work and care for the guests with subem and sour. "We want to offer our visitors a slightly different kind of relaxation this evening, but of course the rest and relaxation will not take a back seat", so stine michel.

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