Left-wing base says “yes”: red-green-red is coming in bremen

Left-wing base says 'yes': red-green-red is coming in bremen

The bremen left has de facto cleared the way for a red-green-red government in the federal state of bremen. The members of the small state association voted by majority on monday for the negotiated coalition agreement.

However, the participation in the membership vote was rather mabig, as the party announced after the votes were counted.

The SPD, the greens and the left had already approved the agreement at separate party congresses at the beginning of july. The left, however, also brought the binding member referendum to the floor. Will the senate, i.E. The state government, be elected on 15. August elected to the burgerschaft (state parliament) as expected, it would be the first red-green-red governing coalition in a western german state.

At the since 6. July current vote on the left 347 of the total of around 620 members of the state association took part. For 40 members, the documents could not be delivered because of outdated addresses, so the number of 580 members was taken as the basis for participation. After that, around 60 percent took part in the vote. At least half of the members were required to sign up.

The 140-page text of the coalition agreement was sent to the members in paper form. The three parties agreed on the contract after about two weeks of coalition negotiations. Priorities for the next four years of government include education, school construction and renovation, transportation and climate protection.

Bremen is the smallest state in germany and is heavily in debt, with more than 20 billion euros. The new senate will have nine instead of eight members in the future. The SPD provides the head of government, andreas bovenschulte (SPD), as well as three other senators. The greens will have three cabinet posts, the leftists two.

The previous mayor, carsten sieling (SPD), had announced that he would not be taking on a new mayor as a consequence of the election debacle for his party in the elections to the city council on november 26. May announces his retreat. He intends to serve as a member of the burgerschaftsabgeordneter in the future.

In the election about two months ago, the social democrats had their worst result in over 70 years, slipping by 7.9 percentage points to 24.9 percent. For the first time, the SPD was not the strongest force in bremen. This was the CDU, which gained 4.3 percentage points to 26.7 percent and also claimed the job of forming the government for itself. However, the greens had rejected negotiations on a possible jamaika alliance with the CDU and FDP, preferring red-green-red.

Both the greens and the left made gains in the election. For the first time, the afd is represented in parliament by a strong parliamentary group (5 deputies).

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