Line dance party in weidhausen

line dance party in weidhausen

The parquet floor shook under the cowboy boots, stars and stripes hung on the walls and cowboy hat wearing people danced in the golden oak horn. What was going on? The dance group devils in line had invited to their first line-dance party and many groups had followed the call. Normally the devils meet in the inn hofmann in mittelwasungen, but the hall there was too small.

Flu viruses were ignored, masses of snow were shoveled aside and many kilometers were covered. Dance jerks from far away amberg, rudolstadt, roslau, kastl and the nearby "sockental" (gestungshausen) besieged all parking lots around the inn goldenes eichhorn in weidhausen.
The rustic decorated hall filled up quickly and on the dance floor there were about 160 line-dancers, when at 8 pm the "electric slide" started sound.

In perfect lines was shuffled, with much euphoria stomped and kicked full of verve. For all those who do not know "line dancing" here is the translation: people danced in lines, stomped on the floor with euphoria and kicked the air full of verve.

The line dancers danced peacefully next to each other and the couples made their rounds on the dance floor in unison. Here was clearly to trace: line-dancers are a rough, happy family.
Those who didn't want to dance or needed a break could be pampered by the staff of the guesthouse. Also the eye did not come too briefly. Cowgirls in cute outfits whirled around the dance floor as well as handsome cowboys in leather boots.

If you think the whole evening was about country and western music, you're wrong. Although the main part of the music consisted of old and new country songs, rock and pop songs were also heard from time to time, such as "like a star", "moves like jagger or "back in time. So even country music fans got their money's worth.

It is not surprising that the devils in line received only positive feedback. The line-dance-world was satisfied and when around 2 o'clock the last dancers left the hall, went to their cars and started the long way home, everybody agreed: it was already over.
With so much success and encouragement it might be next year again: stars and stripes on the wall, cowboy hats and boots put on and off into the line.

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