Look who’s hatching!

Look who's hatching!

One child holds the egg in his hand, another holds a kind of flashlight to the bubble of the egg. "Now we are looking for the baby", explains stefanie hellmann of the diaconal work bamberg-forchheim. "You can hardly see anything", calls one of the five children. "But you can recognize the veins", replies hellmann.

She has made it possible that at present 20 goose eggs and a brooder are in the kindergarten. Johannis are accommodated. The whole action is called "new life begins". Initiated by the diaakonisches werk bamberg-forchheim in cooperation with the st.-johannis kindergarten forchheim.

Busy springtime
"In the context of this project, for example, we went out into nature and looked around to see where new life was being created", reports karina gutjahr, the director responsible for the kindergarten. The background is the lively activity that can be observed in the springtime.

Everything is blooming and becoming more colorful, lush and vigorous again. This applies to animals as well as to plants. Especially when it comes to offspring. Eight days ago, stefanie hellmann, who runs the neighboring diakoniewerk, handed over the eggs and the incubator to the kindergarten.

One month wait
Now the children together with hellmann and gutjahr have examined the eggs for the first time to see if there are any offspring in the shells. This happens with a kind of rontgengerat. "Doesn't it bother the viewer when it gets so hot", asks katharina deinhardt. It doesn't matter, says hellmann. Little by little, the eggs are now being tested for life. After 28 to 33 days the cuckoos are supposed to hatch.

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