Loschwasserbehalter: mayor acted on his own authority

Loschwasserbehalter: mayor acted on his own authority

"Mayor dieter adam, despite all the concerns of the parties involved (wolf company, I-plan architekturburo, building administration), decided not to have the loschwasserbehalter installed at ground level as planned", it says in the prufbericht.

And further: "he has by his arbitrary decisions overruled the market's rights to the new sound water. The holder thus erected was subject to building permit both because of its coarseness and because of its appearance on the development prevailing in this area.

Especially from the point of view of the listed castle, the loschbehalter was a visual eyesore, which was also expressed more than clearly in the burgers' protest.

61.000 euro costs for the taxpayer
The fact that this process has also called the federation of taxpayers on the plan, represents, in addition to the financial damage incurred, with over 61.000 euros that the market town of mainleus has suffered as a result of the demolition also represents gross damage to the town's image and trust," says sauer."

When it comes to the question of who determined the disputed location, the committee remains vague. The report states only that, according to adam, a new site had to be found because the crown and roots of the tree near the planned site could have been damaged.

The final result according to the audit committee, however, is clear: "the building does not comply in any way with the specifications of the market town council."

The following members of the municipal council belong to the audit committee: bernd bittruf (chairman, SPD), anneliese kastner (independent), hannelore lindner (), klaus marx (SPD), klaus ramming (CSU), erich schiffelholz (ABL).

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