Lost and found piles up

Lost and found piles up

Since the opening of the aqua-sole bathing and sauna paradise, andrea klinger and anna-maria kreb have had even more to do. Every month, they clear out forgotten objects in the lost property office in kitzingen town hall. A lot of things left behind in the swimming pool.
Only rarely does an owner come to the town hall to retrieve his lost items. "Many people drive from far away to the aqua-sole. The way back to kitzingen is not worth it for them", says fund officer klinger. She's always amazed at what she puts on the shelves. "Even newly bought shoes are handed in to us", she tells. She has an explanation for this phenomenon: "women buy a pair in one store and then forget it in the next shoe store – where they have tried on a new pair."
It's unbelievable what people leave lying around. Bits, horgerats and even internet routers are handed in to the ladies in the lost property office. The most expensive object that came under the hammer at the lost property office had a value of 600 euros. "Once a man handed in a bundle of newspapers with a hedgehog hidden in it, and i put it back in the woods", tells kreb.
What happens to the lost property that does not have to be abandoned in the forest?? If the owner is not found within six months, the returned items will be released. First, the found objects must all be unpacked, since most of them are handed in plastic bags. After that, it is up to andrea klinger to decide whether the items are to be auctioned off or sold on for a fixed price if they are not worth enough. "At a value of four euros i don't start auctioning, otherwise we won't be able to finish at all", she says.
After the six months, the ladies have their items melted down, and clothes that are in good condition are often sold on to second-hand stores. The remaining items will get a treasure price. The auction starts at the half of the treasure price. The highest bidder then gets the contract.
The money raised at the auction ends up in the city's coffers. But it doesn't cover all the work that the fund office has to do. But klinger and her colleague kreb have a lot of fun at work. "It's a change from the normal office routine", says kreb.

Successes with the return

On average, the lost and found office takes up ten percent of the work time of the public order office. In the weeks leading up to the auction, however, much more. "We see it as our duty to do as much research as possible, because it makes the most sense if the owner gets his things back", says klinger. The results are impressive. Last year a watch worth 3500 euro was returned to its owner.
If the owner cannot be found, the finder has a claim to the items. Especially with purses or valuable jewelry, like necklaces and watches, some finders ask for. In the case of money bags, however, all documents are burned, only the cash is given to the town treasurer or finder.

Info: on saturday, 21. April, 18 pieces of jewelry and some bicycles will be auctioned off, among other things. From 8.At 30 o'clock the items can be viewed in the fire department building in kitzingen, landwehrstrabe 21, and at 9 o'clock the auction starts.

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