Marktzeuln did not like expanded gravel mining by the schramm company

The larvae pollution would be enormous, an increased volume of heavy traffic would be the consequence. Therefore, the preliminary building application of the company heinrich schramm from trieb, which had already been discussed in the september meeting of the market town council of marktzeuln, was not approved by the town councillors.

This preliminary building application was unanimously rejected at the meeting on monday evening in the TSV gymnasium. Mayor gregor friedlein-zech (independent citizens) explained that marktzeuln has already suffered from sand mining for decades. Now another 3.7 hectares were to be used for clay, sand and gravel extraction with subsequent refilling. In the building committee already a clearly rejecting attitude had been recognizable. In order to prevent illegal action by the market town council, advice was sought from lawyer kollerer.

So far, clay, sand and gravel are mined on 23 hectares. The controversial new 3.7 hectares are currently used for agriculture. They are not considered priority areas for dismantling. A cataloged list with a map shows such priority areas. There are no such designated areas in marktzeuln.

Recreational area

Irrespective of any approval by the district administration, the consent of the municipal council is also required, as public interests are affected. The planned mining area would serve the recreational purpose, the local and landscape image would be affected and the agricultural structure would deteriorate.

If the district office approves the building project despite the fact that the municipality has not given its consent, marktzeuln could file a lawsuit because this would constitute an encroachment on the market municipality’s planning sovereignty.

Additional burden

Councillor grunbeck (CSU) stated that the additional heavy truck traffic represents an enormous additional burden also for the surrounding communities. In addition, the new construction area would be heavily affected by noise. The head of the community emphasized: "I have not heard a single positive word from the population about this construction project!"

Also the municipal councils fischer (ubmz) and jutta stark (ubmz) want to prevent this project if possible. Jutta stark thought that she had other goals for marktzeuln and wanted to preserve this gem. Petra niechziol (SPD) was also opposed, saying that this project could become a never-ending story. Finally, mayor friedlein-zech (ubmz) hoped that the schramm company would abandon the construction project. Otherwise, a lawyer will have to be called in.

With regard to the 5G (fifth generation of mobile communications) network of telekom, councillor erwin grunbeck (CSU) was surprised that even the district administration did not know about the existence of this latest technology in marktzeuln. Also, the population had not been informed about this by the telecom company. The fact is, however, that since the beginning of july 5G is available in marktzeuln hour. He also said that, according to experts, the 5G network would emit different radiation levels than the current 4G network.

The market town council has in the non-public meeting on 6. July decided not to proceed with land-use planning for the creation of commercial space in the area of the junction of the new B173 near horb am main for the time being. The realization of the strabe is to be waited, in order to be able to estimate the effects better.

Place construction fence elsewhere

Councillor markus pulz asked the mayor to check whether the construction fence at the future village store (am flecken 47) could not be placed differently. At the moment, the children waiting for the bus could not shelter in the rain.

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