Materialistic election campaign

materialistic election campaign

To attract attention, you have to be creative. That's probably how the parties see it in the election campaign, too, and they throw around the craziest promotional gifts: for years, the standard gifts have been ballpoint pens, balloons and the occasional flower. Since not too long time, there are also condoms – although so naturally less party offspring can be conceived. Nevertheless, the online stores of the parties also have a lot to offer to the new generation. Thanks to the stores, nowadays you can show your party allegiance not only by wearing buttons.

CDU/CSU/young union

Thanks to the latest online shopping facilities, union supporters have the opportunity to equip themselves with a whole range of party paraphernalia. First of all the beach package of the young union, so that everyone can see what you choose… One did not like "false voters" on the beach, after all get to know the beach party package includes 25 logo ice cubes, an air mattress, some flip flops, a bath towel and 50 condoms. In addition there is a pair of ladies or men sunglasses for unbeatable 59,90 euro. For five or ten euros, you can equip yourself with a bikini or swim trunks and nothing can go wrong. Ubrigens: for the morning after the 50 condoms has the young union also a toaster in the offer!

If you want to position yourself clearly outside the vacation season, you can find a scarf for the winter, a beach ball (with the slogan "keep your eye on the ball") or chips for the shopping cart in the CDU store.
The CSU attacks already with the youngest and offers in its on-line shop baby rompers, school tutus or schnuller with the CSU leo.


In the SPD store, unfortunately, not everyone can find what they are looking for, because only members have access to it. A pity actually, but at least the jusos have a free-access store: in addition to the obligatory posters, postcards and flyers, the jusos also offer lollipops in the flavor strawberry/cherry. And of course in red. Special gag is the inscription on the packaging: "schwarz-gelb macht euch nur noch sauer? We will spoil your summer!" Further sweets on offer: water ice and sherbet powder with the slogans "social cold? Fuck you!" And "black-yellow pulverize. The jusos also have condoms on offer and promise: "in september comes the high point."

Alliance 90, the green / green youth

The greens manage not to betray their ideals even in their promotional gifts and party paraphernalia. Pencils with a "double tip and stamps with "inside, which are supposed to call for gender-equal language, are just two examples from their collection.

The greens are particularly lucky with the trend toward jute bags. What a few years ago was a clear sign of "okos" has now become a fashion accessory for many young people. So why not throw over the party's advertising and the fancy designed bags "plastic enemy"?, "horny sack" and "plastic is a killer to carry with them into the city?

The green youth, on the other hand, is unfortunately not quite as creative and can only shine with flyers and stickers in their store. The slogans are typical grun, but just on flyers and stickers. But one highlight that should not be overlooked: small plastic bags with the inscription "only the best grun ins tutchen" and advertising for green youth. What kind of green the green youth is promoting here is left to the imagination of the buyers.


The FDP unfortunately only allows members to access their online store, but the julis have an open store that can also be accessed by non-members. Also here you can find only flyers, postcards and t-shirts. But at least they carry election messages and not only the logo, but they are not really convincing. Maybe you had more spab in the online store if you are a party member.


At first glance, the online party par excellence also has the most coarse online store, or at least the best structured one. Here, too, there is the standard assortment, from lighters to shopping chips to ballpoint pens. Additionally there is the pirate jewelry with creoles, bracelets and necklaces and for die-hard pirates LED logos that make every room glow. And of course, as a real pirate, the pirate headscarf à la jack sarrow may not be missing.

So wherever you surf, you'll find a number of curiosities on the internet that party supporters can use to make their choices – and thus present their party allegiance to the world.

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