Mourning in rodelsee: gerhard eyselein dies unexpectedly

mourning in rodelsee: gerhard eyselein dies unexpectedly

Deep mourning and sadness in rodelsee. On the evening of the third anniversary, 6. January, died unexpectedly at the age of 55 years, local councillor gerhard eyselein.

"A place will remain empty in the future, a dear, committed and courageous person has unfortunately gone from us much too early", writes the rodelsee CSU on its facebook page. Gerhard eyselein was popular in the village, his straightforward and honest manner was appreciated. In the municipal council. In the village. At the wine festival society, of which he was a director.

Coming from abtswind, he has quickly settled in rodelsee. In addition to his commitment to the wine festival, eyselein, who recently turned 55, was also responsible for the TSV as chairman.

Reliable in every respect

In 2008, eyselein, a businessman by profession, was elected for the first time to the rodelsee municipal council for the CSU. He rejoined the council in 2014. For mayor burkhard klein gerhard eyselein was a supporting pillar for the community. There had been no appointment to which he had been absent without excuse, he emphasized the absolute reliability of the deceased municipal councilor. He was always "very, very well prepared".

Debates that took too long for him to finish. A pragmatist. Friendly in his dealings with everyone. "A highly esteemed colleague in the local council", who questioned things, especially when it came to funding, klein looks back on eyselein’s work in the council body. The further development of the village store was just as important to him as the further development of the entire village.

Gerhard eyselein leaves behind a wife and three sons.

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