National coach candidates: kreutzer, popiesch and alavaara

national coach candidates: kreutzer, popiesch and alavaara

Immediately after the national field hockey players were informed about the background of the change of their so popular national coach marco sturm to the NHL, the whispering started.

Who could or who should continue sturm’s way at the german ice hockey federation (DEB) now? Immediately the name christof kreutzer was mentioned in the players’ conversations. It is quite possible that the former national player and current coach of the second league team EC bad nauheim will actually come to the fore in the end. Because the list of candidates, which is not long anyway, is getting shorter and shorter. From the beginning, the DEB also had its sights set on the second league. "Of course, the DEL2 is also a possibility," confirmed sport director stefan schaidnagel to the german press agency.

Thus kreutzer becomes inevitably the candidate with the coach search, which was made more difficult by the refusal of the most promising applicant harold circle on wednesday additionally. The 59-year-old former national team captain did not receive a release from his club dusseldorfer EG. It’s possible that DEB president franz reindl will present another surprise, as he did in the case of sturm. This time, however, it could come down to a coach who already had experience.

Of the remaining candidates, kreutzer is one of the more prominent names. Already in 2015, after the ara of the luckless pat cortina, the now 51-year-old – as a player five times german champion – was in talk. As DEG coach, he worked successfully with young german players who are now moving on to the national team or have established themselves like defender bernhard ebner.

The brother of the longtime national forward daniel kreutzer fits into the DEB profile. According to schaidnagel, the team is looking for someone to work with the new U16, U18 and U20 coaches. "Thanks to new demand funds, we can hire a total of four new coaches," said schaidnagel. With kreutzer, hardly any problems are expected in this regard.

For uwe krupp it does. Because of his name alone, the 53-year-old is an obvious candidate. Krupp is also close friends with reindl. One contact has already been made. A settlement not. Although krupp hinted at being able to terminate his contract with czech league leaders sparta prague. This alone shows that krupp does not have the best prospects. The two-time stanley cup winner is said to like to have everything under control himself. The national players are also rather skeptical – unlike with kreutzer.

Reindl and schaidnagel are working on a plan that has led to a surprise, which should actually be supported by an experienced coach like kreis. "We are in good talks there," said DEB vice-president daniel hopp of the adler mannheim. He has not yet spoken to his club coach pavel gross.

But possibly with eagle manager jan-axel alavaara. Also among the sporting directors are interesting names with coaching licenses. The 43-year-old swede is the most exciting addition to the team. Alavaara speaks perfect german and thus fulfills a key criterion. As a former scout for the buffalo sabres, he also has excellent contacts in north america, which is not undesirable in view of the many german national team players there.

Thomas popiesch also targeted. At the underdog fischtown penguins from bremerhaven, the 53-year-old is forced to work with hardly any young german players, but he achieves amazing things year after year with the professionals at his disposal. Popiesch enjoys an excellent reputation on the professional scene.

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