Oaks bring in good money

Oaks bring in good money

The sale of valuable wood at the habberge forestry cooperative (FBG), based in hofheim, is in female hands. Birgitt ulrich, FBG managing director, and forester anna seitenzahl presented the results of this year’s timber auction at the town of ebern’s timber yard.
541 solid cubic meters of oak logs are currently lying in storage in the frauengrund between ebern and unterpreppach. In total, the forestry association of lower franconia (FVU), as the umbrella organization of the lower franconian forestry associations with the wood in ebern, laid out 3155 solid cubic meters (previous year: 2689) of high-quality wood at six additional storage sites.
"We were very satisfied with the result of the submission this year, which is in line with the timber market for high-quality timber, said birgitt ulrich. Category four and five log classes produced good results. "The timber market is stable and this year’s storm damage, especially in lower bavaria, had no effect on us", says the managing director. Anna seitenzahl adds that demand for coniferous wood was also satisfactory.

Oak price at 585 euro

While last year’s oak submission yielded an average price of 515 euros per solid cubic meter, this year’s price was increased to 585 euros, explain the two women of the FBG habberge. The owners of the forest, who put up value timber, can be happy about this. "All oaks were very well bid", says birgitt ulrich.
The young forester anna seitenzahl reports: "in addition to domestic buyers, we had three bidders from france, mainly for barrel wood, one each from austria, poland and holland." The "bride, best strain this year at the place in ebern, comes from the forest of rentweinsdofer maximillian von rotenhan. Ulrich and page number show the log that has 3.08 solid meters and achieved a price per solid meter of 1839 euros, bringing a total of 5664 euros.
Ulrich is pleased that the hardwood auction has been successfully carried out for 13 years. "The value-added and cut timber is attracting interest from supra-regional and international hardwood processors", she says. With an average price of 490 euros per solid cubic meter across all tree species and assortments, the fbgs in lower franconia achieved the best result in the last 13 years. "A total of 41 companies showed interest and bid,", says birgitt ulrich.

Barrel wood buyers paid well

Forester anne seitenzahl adds: "the most expensive log was an oak from the area of FBG schweinfurt, which fetched a bid of 2627 euros per cubic meter and thus generated a profit of 5280 euros." Barrel wood buyers, says birgitt ulrich, once again bought above the previous year’s level with prices rising at the same time.
Their conclusion: "in view of the current market situation and the qualities offered, the submission result is very good, especially in the oak. Variegated deciduous wood is, as already foreseeable, slightly jerky. In beech, the results are almost the same as in the previous year, in line with the market situation." The FVU manages a forest area of 169,000 hectares. The total forest area in lower franconia is 360,000 hectares, and in bavaria 2.605 million hectares.

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