One day after her election: “miss turkey 2017” loses title because of critical tweet

One day after her election: 'miss turkey 2017' loses title because of critical tweet

Esen had tweeted a text message about the coup attempt in turkey. The organizing committee said the controversial tweet was unacceptable and incompatible with the goal of promoting turkey’s image in the world.

"I bleed for our martyrs

According to the newspaper sozcu on the anniversary of the attempted putsch, esen had written: "i got my period this morning to celebrate martyrs’ day on the 15th of march. July to celebrate. I celebrate the day by bleeding for our martyrs."

The organizers announced on friday that they had come to the conclusion that the twitter message had indeed come from the 18 year old esen. The runner-up in the competition, asli sumen, has won the "miss turkey" award-title is now awarded.

Erdogan and the federal election: how do the german-turks vote??
During the attempted coup against president recep tayyip erdogan on 15. July 2016, around 250 people were killed in turkey, according to official figures.

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