3000 Hikers walk the tunnel fire rock

3000 hikers walk the tunnel fire rock

The scenario resembled a people's hike. "We had expected 500 to 1000 visitors", says ilse preb, who took over the task of the mine protection saint barbara as tunnel godmother during the construction work. "I am surprised by the interest of the citizens." On saturday, local residents and railroad fans were informed about the progress of construction work on the feuerfelsen tunnel and along the new line. By the end of the day, the railroad estimates that about 3,000 people had ridden their bicycles. They came not only from rodental or the coburg region, but also from the neighboring counties of sonneberg, lichtenfels and kronach. A family from neuhaus am rennweg had arrived by train. And cycled on to the kiengrund over the new construction road.

The "burgerwandertag demands perseverance. About five kilometers of distance have to be covered to get from the local connection road, which is used as a parking area, via the descent to the future overtaking station to the north entrance of the tunnel project feuerfelsen and further to the kiental bridge on foot. The clever ones had brought their bicycles.

The DB safety concept
"Should anything unusual happen in everyday operations from the end of 2017, deutsche bahn has taken precautions with an extensive safety concept", explains the project engineer in charge arno kryszohn. This applies in particular to the 22 tunnels along the 105 kilometer new line branching off from the existing bamberg-lichtenfels line at ebensfeld in the main valley to the rail junction in the thuringian state capital of erfurt.


Hero in pajamas

Hero in pajamas

It is quiet as a mouse in the druid’s grove. Idyllic peace. Only the rustle of the forest. Final discussions are underway. Full concentration. "And please", the director suddenly shouts loudly, and the seven-meter-long camera crane starts moving. Eight-year-old dennis runs across the foliage and through the rocks, fast towards the cave. A terrifying monster is close on his heels.
But of course it does him no harm. For the monster in the thick, black fur is just a stuntman, the mystical forest scenery blob a film set of some students of the film academy baden-wurttemberg. And the film is shot in the middle of the "france". Nico kreis, born in forchheim, is the producer of the 60-second commercial film "dont’ be afraid of the dark, brought the production to its home.
"I used to walk here with my dad. The place has simply a uniqueness", he enthuses, watching the 35-strong film crew go about their business. Nico seems relaxed and tense at the same time. As a producer, he has the overview. His tasks are manifold. "Everybody is in a twirling frenzy. It’s good to have someone who has time and peace for everything", says the 23-year-old. Since 2009 he is at the filmakademie baden-wurttemberg in ludwigsburg, studying film.
Four days of shooting are planned for director denis parchow’s graduation film. It should be ready by august. Yesterday and on thursday the team shot from 7 o’clock in the morning until nightfall. Now at the weekend they film in a specially equipped studio in ludwigsburg. This is where the real hero, the teddy bear, makes his grand entrance. He hurls the monster in the children’s room against the wall, so that it dissolves into smoke. And that’s what the film is supposed to convey: the teddy as a valuable companion and protector. "In the meantime, the game console has become every child’s daily companion", nico regrets. A teddy bear, on the other hand, is timeless. "You have a stronger bond with him than with any other toy." The "steiff" brand supports the project as an advertising partner.
Nico, meanwhile, is concentrating on his work again. For him, the film business has become routine, but it’s always fascinating anew: "there are moments when you just enjoy everything. But as cool as it is, you still have to function." After all, he says, the film lives from teamwork. "You must never say: I made this film. Many filmmakers forget this."
And also dennis makes his first turn spab. "I’ve had to run so much today, I can’t even pay for it anymore", he jokes. Meanwhile he stands with director parchow. He shows him the last picture on the monitor. "Run a little faster", he asks the bright young. The chemistry between the two is right. And then all of a sudden it gets quiet again. Fog and snow particles slowly drift through the lush green of the trees, sun rays mingle with them. Dennis is running again for all he’s worth. "And out", the director stops him. The scene is in the can. At least ten seconds. Now it’s time to dismantle everything. A change of scene, just a few hundred meters away in the dreamlike marchenwald of the druid grove.

The film team got plenty of support from the surrounding area:
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The next top team awaits the heitec volleys eltmann

The next top team awaits the heitec volleys eltmann

Another tough task for the heitec volleys eltmann in the national volleyball league: on wednesday evening (19.30 o’clock) the last team in the table receives the second team of the table, the alpenvolleys unterhaching, in the georg-schafer-hall.

Coach marco donat’s team showed how it can work against a league heavyweight 14 days ago, when it defeated vfb friedrichshafen 3-2 in a tightly contested encounter.

And a point not to be sneezed at is that the eltmanners have been unbeaten in the georg schafer hall for a year and a half. If it’s up to heitec top scorer irfan hamzagic, that’s how it should stay. "We have proven that we can beat any team at home", says the diagonal attacker. But hamzagic does not expect a self-runner: "unterhaching has a quality team with a lot of good players."


A “witch memorial” for bamberg

A 'witch memorial' for bamberg

Witch hunt in bamberg? "There are more important topics. We have lived in the grove for 30 years and the traffic congestion is just terrible." Letters with such content are sent to city councillor sabine sauer (SPD) in her function as chairwoman of the bamberg-mitte burgers’ association.

"Of course, the traffic problem is an issue", says sour. "The witch hunt should also be. Especially because many victims came from the island area."

At least 1000 people were burned to death in the 17. Century as witches and witchers in bamberg pursued, tortured and murdered. "The witch burnings are part of our city history. Nevertheless, there is still no memorial. We want to change that", sour explains.


Politicians and doctors under pressure after organ donation scandal

politicians and doctors under pressure after organ donation scandal

The german hospice foundation, a patients’ association, called on federal health minister daniel bahr (FDP) to intervene on friday. The latter called a crisis meeting for the end of august, other politicians demanded tough punishments, while the president of the federal chamber of physicians, frank ulrich montgomery, in turn accused government and justice in bavaria of failure. The transplant center eurotransplant in leiden, the netherlands, called for more controls.

Bahr wants to discuss consequences at a crisis meeting with representatives of all parties involved: "I expect proposals on how manipulations and other violations can be better prevented in the future." To the appointment on 27. On august, the association of health insurers, the german hospital association, the german foundation for organ transplantation, the foundation eurotransplant, the german transplantation society, the federal medical association, the standing commission on organ transplantation and the monitoring and review commission at the federal medical association have been invited to the meeting.

Meanwhile, the procedures in gottingen and regensburg are steaming up the willingness to donate organs. In five cases in the past two weeks in germany, patients had explicitly refused an organ removal with reference to this scandal, said the spokeswoman of the german foundation for organ transplantation (DSO), birgit blome, to the news agency dpa in frankfurt am main.


Zeil gets a city beach

Zeil gets a city beach

From an "eyesore in zeil will be a city beach. The youth councils, together with the city, have set up a new event location.

"The idea exists because of the 1000 year celebration in zeil", explains bastian robner, the man in charge of the youth tinder. Mayor thomas stadelmann (SPD) asked robner a year and a half ago: "what could you do for the youth at the 1000 year celebration??"

The jugendzunder are an organization made up of young zeilers. "We’re all between 20 and 25 years old," says, says robner. They offer events for the younger generations.


U.s. Does not rule out total withdrawal from afghanistan

u.s. does not rule out total withdrawal from afghanistan

That’s what U.S. President barack obama’s security adviser ben rhodes said tuesday (local time) about afghan president hamid karsai’s visit to washington. "We don’t want to leave any options."

Nato plans to end its combat mission in the hindu kush at the end of 2014, but will actually continue to assist the afghan forces with trainers and advisers after that date. A total withdrawal of the americans had a massive impact on planning. With 68,000 soldiers, the u.S. Still provides two-thirds of the soldiers in the isaf international protection force. The german army still has around 4300 soldiers in afghanistan. Experts previously assumed that at least 1,000 german soldiers would remain in the hindu kush after 2014.

Karzai will first meet with secretary of defense hillary clinton and defense secretary leon panetta in washington on thursday; on friday he will be received by obama at the white house. The focus of the conversation was allowed to be a bilateral security agreement, which is to regulate, among other things, how many bases and soldiers the us should keep until 2024. What is disputed is the future status of the international squads. So far, they have enjoyed immunity from afghan prosecution, as is customary in international deployments.


Bierhoff does not want to join fifa executive committee

Bierhoff does not want to join fifa executive committee

"No, i don’t deal with that at all," bierhoff told "bild".De" and emphasized that wolfgang niersbach, as DFB president, belongs on this committee. The head of the german football association had already stressed at the end of february that he would not want to compete in 2015 if former DFB president zwanziger resigned from the FIFA executive.

Bierhoff, on the other hand, pointed out that the 62-year-old niersbach will be elected to the executive committee of the european soccer union (UEFA) next week in london and will represent fubball germany in an outstanding way. "He was also an enrichment for FIFA. If he doesn’t make it, it would be important to have a german representative in FIFA," said bierhoff.

Discussions about an extension of his contract with the DFB as well as the contract of national coach joachim low should take place as soon as he has qualified for the world championships. "We went into the world cup in 2010 without a contract. I can also speak for jogi: we don’t need any guarantees. But we know that an unclear contractual situation can lead to unrest," said bierhoff.


Birnbacher wins mass start at antholz

Birnbacher wins mass start at antholz

Birnbacher provided the high point from the german point of view. The man from schlechingen had an unbelievable fight man against man with the second placed russian anton schipulin and martin fourcade from france. From the top, the 30-year-old went down the home stretch and clenched his winning fist after his furioso finale. "This is the hammer, unbelievable even if i wobbled last shot into the target", cheered birnbacher.

In terms of running, he is in the best shape he has ever been in, and he only made one mistake in the push stand. In the high 1600 meters, he repeatedly attacked on the final lap and dictated the tempo. "I knew it would be decided in the sprint," said birnbacher, who ended up 0.1 seconds ahead of schipulin and 0.3 seconds ahead of fourcade.

Florian graf came in 15th after two penalty laps, sprint world champion arnd peiffer was only 27th after five misses. Three-time olympic champion michael greis and michael rosch missed the qualification for the mass start after their weak sprint results.


Saint nicholas post office: even “rude children” get an answer

saint nicholas post office: even 'rude children' get an answer

Not only children, but also adults of all ages can write to santa claus: "even "coarse children" will get an answer from the santa claus post office," announced the festive committee st. Santa claus in the saarland with.

In the corona pandemic, the intention was also to address older people – also in senior citizens’ homes – who would like to receive mail from santa claus. The answers will be sent from the end of next week, the post office is from the 5. December to geoffnet.

7000 letters so far