Hecking criticizes handling of trainers: “completely exaggerated

Hecking criticizes handling of trainers:

"I don"t like how quickly our work is badmouthed". The impatience that is now spreading after just two or three weak games is completely exaggerated," complained the coach of borussia monchengladbach in the "sport bild" newspaper. "If we are really only judged by the bare results of the last four or five weeks, then in the future we will only have to think from one country"s game to the next. I consider this development to be dangerous."

Hecking took sides with his team on 7. October at vfb stuttgart released colleague tayfun korkut. "I read that tayfun korkut has scored 36 points from 21 games since he took office. Without knowing the background of the dismissal, i say: if such a balance sheet is not sufficient for a coach of vfb stuttgart to be able to withstand a weaker phase and to enjoy trust, we coaches all have a problem."

In addition, hecking referred to the recent discussion about the new munich coach niko kovac: "FC bayern was still considered unbeatable under niko kovac three weeks ago. Two matchdays later there is talk of a kovac crisis. Something is fundamentally wrong at the moment."


Left-wing base says “yes”: red-green-red is coming in bremen

Left-wing base says 'yes': red-green-red is coming in bremen

The bremen left has de facto cleared the way for a red-green-red government in the federal state of bremen. The members of the small state association voted by majority on monday for the negotiated coalition agreement.

However, the participation in the membership vote was rather mabig, as the party announced after the votes were counted.

The SPD, the greens and the left had already approved the agreement at separate party congresses at the beginning of july. The left, however, also brought the binding member referendum to the floor. Will the senate, i.E. The state government, be elected on 15. August elected to the burgerschaft (state parliament) as expected, it would be the first red-green-red governing coalition in a western german state.


Supplementary budget due to trench renovations

Supplementary budget due to trench renovations

Actually, the new paving of the pfarrgasse in abtswind is supposed to be finished on 17. June start. However, this date will probably not be kept, informed engineer valentin maier on monday evening in the municipal council meeting. Not good news, but the second piece of news he had about the tree inspection was even more serious: the estimated cost of 410,000 euros is not nearly enough. The budgeted amount was therefore increased by 340,000 euros to 750,000 euros in the form of a supplementary budget.

Construction in two sections
"We don't need to take out any loans for this, but can finance everything through the return", mayor klaus lenz assured the municipal councils. There are others in the 2013 budget "not much", according to christine volk, who was also present at the meeting, the administrative budget remained unchanged at 1,805,317 euros, with only the property budget increasing by 340,000 euros to a total of 1,480,282 euros.

The on 23. According to engineer maier, the may submission showed that seven of the 13 companies contacted had submitted an offer, although the individual offers did not differ greatly from one another. The lowest bid was 636 279.25 euros, and the second bidder was 2.5 percent higher.
The repaving of the parish street will be divided into two segments, the first of which will be built from the junction of the parish street with the main street at the height of the "swan" I'm going to tackle the first stitch in this year's tournament and get to the first stitch. The next section, which will also include the second stichstrabe near the parsonage, will come next year.


The “living lexicon” from city hall

The 'living lexicon' from city hall

Angelika pinnau joined the board of trustees exactly 40 years ago, on 2. July 1973, as a 23-year-old, she began her service in the town hall of marktbreit.

First she worked part-time and then, since october 1989, full-time. She recalls her first day at work with a smile during her 40th anniversary ceremony at the town hall on tuesday: "I went to work at the town hall early in the morning and wanted to report to my superior, but he was not there. Because no one knew what to do with me, I waited until the burgermeister arrived."

Mayor, however, angelika pinnau has had her work cut out for her. In her time in office, she alone experienced four mayors in marktbreit and a total of 16 in the administrative community (VG). She has a good relationship of trust with the incumbent mayor, erich hegwein, who presented her with an honorary certificate from the state of bavaria together with a gift, which the mayor also praised.


Plus and minus at bamlit

Plus and minus at bamlit

20 months after the relevant district committees approved 22,000 euros for an "international literature festival in the bamberg region" after the bamberg literature festival (bamlit) was approved by the district council's culture and sports committee in 2016 and 2017, it was presented to the committee.

The calculation worked out, at least according to the figures presented by renate kuhhorn, head of the culture and sports department at the district office, and gaby heyder, managing director of the "bamberger literaturfestival UG" presented. In the first edition of 2016, there was a minus of 25.05 euros in the interim balance sheet. In view of the grants from the upper franconia foundation and the city of bamberg that have been approved but not yet paid out, we will be in the black in 2017.

However, there are huge differences in the composition of the numbers compared to the planning (see adjacent box). For example, 45,000 euros in EU receivables were omitted. On the other hand, the income from admission fees is many times higher than the estimated 7000 euros. At almost 80,000 euros, admission fees covered almost half of total costs in 2017.


Cortese again on the podium – neukirchner crashes

Cortese again on the podium - neukirchner crashes

"A pity it wasn’t enough for the win. But he’ll come, I’m sure of it," said the berkheim rider, who was able to laugh again after the champagne shower on the podium. In contrast to the surprise winner romani fenati from italy, who was only 16 years old, cortese, like the second-placed spanish rider luis salom, was presented with a magnum bottle of the fine wine – but he did not share it with the youngster.

In the moto2 class, max neukirchner from stollberg suffered the next setback. After a technical defect slowed him down at the opening race, he failed to finish this time on stefan bradl’s world champion bike from the previous year after a crash and once again failed to score any points. The race, which was stopped on lap 19 due to. Spanish driver pol espargaro won the race, which was abandoned on lap 19 due to rain.

In the world championship ranking, however, it depends on every payer. The female also cortese and therefore held his enttauschung in limits. "This year the consistency pays and you can afford only a few mistakes. So I’m satisfied, and the team is doing a great job," said the KTM rider, who started the race from second place on the grid.


Team new zealand sails away in america’s cup

Team new zealand sails away in america's cup

Defender oracle team USA stands in the 34. Duel for the america’s cup with the back to the wall. Challengers emirates team new zealand need just three points to win the tournament.

The americans had to win ten more times to defend the snuffed silver pot. The most successful olympic sailor in history is expected to help out. Instead of john kostecki, four-time olympic champion ben ainslie is now calling the shots.

The new zealanders dominated their opponents on the course between golden gate bridge and alcatraz also in races six and seven and increased their score to 6:-1. After just one win so far, larry ellison’s sailing team is still struggling to get the second of the two jury penalty points for boat tampering from the cup apron removed.


Luitz in fourth place after oxygen turmoil: “back on course”

Luitz in fourth place after oxygen turmoil: 'back on course'

Stefan luitz raised his fist in the air in relief at the finish line, then immediately gave his girlfriend a little kiss. After turbulent and grueling days, the skier was as happy about his fourth place as he was about a podium finish.

"It was really a brutal fight. But i took it and i’m really happy with myself," said the allgauer after the giant slalom in saalbach-hinterglemm, which was surprisingly won by the slovenian zan kranjec and which ended an impressive series of successes of the austrian world cup dominator marcel hirscher.

Luitz, however, confirmed his rising form after the recent turmoil over a forbidden oxygen inhalation and the threatening disqualification of his first world cup victory in beaver creek. On sunday before in the giant slalom of alta badia he had as 20. Still disappointed, the day after there was a first ray of hope with fifth place in the parallel giant slalom. "The energy that i didn’t have is back now," said the 26-year-old. "Now hopefully it will continue."


A sporting highlight at the start of the season in augsfeld

A sporting highlight at the start of the season in augsfeld

League director bernd reitstetter has gained a lot of sympathy from the FC augsfeld officials after the announcement of the opening match of the 2013/2014 season in the northwest regional league. And if on friday evening the FC sand at 18.30 o'clock (the preliminary program already starts at 5 p.M.).00 o'clock) comes to the lindenhainstrabe for the rough habberg derby, not only the place cashiers are allowed to cheer. No question: the game of the small village club against the bavarian league relegated team is the sporting highlight and the shining light on the first matchday of the second season.
In any case, both coaches are looking forward to this opening duel – and to many spectators. "I'm expecting a four-digit crowd", says augsfeld's dieter schlereth. "A lot of spectators, emotions, which of course you have to have under control, I personally think derbies are great", his sander counterpart erwin albert is also eagerly awaiting the start of the compulsory match after long and intensive preparation.
On the other hand, those responsible for the sport are naturally trying to temper the (high) expectations placed on them and the teams. "Let's not kid ourselves: sand is certainly one of the favorites, especially because of the relegation, schlereth therefore looks respectfully at the game. He is not afraid. Why also. For the FC augsfeld, which according to the opinion of its coach "from the beginning" is fighting to stay in the league, a win against FC sand "is not an absolute must." The habfurter puts above all value on the fact that the aubenseiter "properly sells itself and the people good fubball offers."

The main thing is not to go down
More important than the result ("that's actually secondary") is therefore "that the boys deliver a good game. I hope that we do not go down and can show the spectators that we can play along." If after 90 minutes a success should be in the books "all the better. A win would boost our self-confidence enormously", dieter schlereth hopes for a gripping game with a positive outcome, despite all the negative personnel conditions. With a point he konne "but also live."
Behind the use of his son thorsten stands meanwhile still a thick question mark. The 30-year-old goal-scorer, who played in the 4-2 test match win in prappach last sunday for the first time in a long time after his long illness, will at least be able to take his place on the substitutes' bench.

Thorsten schlereth needs time
"The illness still hangs me naturally in the bones", thorsten is neither optimistic nor pessimistic and puts his current performance level at "60 to 70 percent," he says. Also the use of the young philipp gebendorfer is not yet certain after his toe fracture. Marko hertel may be prevented from playing due to work commitments.
Erwin albert is not doing any better, on the contrary: the 59-year-old still has to do without the injured florian gundelsheimer, bernd pankratz and marcus krines. Stefan wasser is on vacation. Andre schmitt, who was injured in the cup loss to grobbardorf, will definitely be out – probably for a longer period of time. He suffered a severe bruise in any case. Albert's optimism for the league opener is therefore limited, but nevertheless exists. "I think we have done a good job", he says and adds: "the squad is currently very small. I also need players from the 2. Team effort."
The two preparatory matches against FC augsfeld, when the basket-maker's team conceded a 3:1 defeat in knetzgau and gained the upper hand with a 4:1 win in mechenried a few days later, are of "no significance" to the wulflinger at. "Such preparatory games have actually no statement." He expects a "very difficult game for us. We are relegated, they play at home and both want to win."


Crisis period for pig farmers

Crisis period for pig farmers

While the two-legged population is still preoccupied with the coronavirus, another viral disease has put an end to domestic pig populations: african swine fever (ASF) has been making its way through eastern europe for many years, and has now also arrived in germany. A wild boar was found dead of ASF in brandenburg; this friday, the friedrich loffler institute confirmed a total of 13 positive wild boars. The disease is not contagious for humans or other animals, but it kills most domestic pigs and wild boar.

Countries that do not yet have ASF are doing everything they can to keep it that way. Sudchorea and china impose import bans on german pork for safety’s sake. With exports, market prices have also collapsed. The association of producer groups (VEZG) set the price per kilogram of slaughter weight down 20 cents. The recommended price per piglet has been reduced by twelve euros to 27 euros – the peak price this year was around 80 euros. "At the moment, it’s a "pay-as-you-go" business, explains pig breeder johannes dorfler from waldau. It was only on friday morning that he received a call from a customer. He has no place for new piglets, because he can not sell his fattening pigs at the moment.

And so the pigs stand in the barns of the farmers, become coarser and heavier, and thus the sale becomes more and more difficult. "No one wants to do it anymore", dorfler explains. He had already heard of a company that slaughters half of its breeding sows. Regarding the drop in prices, he says: "I can’t understand it. Our pig herds are healthy, there is nothing contaminated."