Personnel debate in the csu: pressure on seehofer increases

personnel debate in the csu: pressure on seehofer increases

Former bavarian minister president gunther beckstein says it is generally understandable that the CSU is discussing a change in party leadership: "i resigned as minister president with a result of 43.8 percent" the CSU politician told the radio station bayern 2 on friday. Now the CSU has received less than 39 percent in bavaria. "So it is only natural that there should be some discussion."

Beckstein, however, does not expect a renewed personnel debate about the political future of CSU leader horst seehofer before the party congress in mid november: "after the election results, all responsible bodies have agreed that the personnel debate will be put on hold during the coalition negotiations."

According to beckstein, the poor result of the CSU in the federal elections has nothing to do with a lack of conservative party profile. "We had not had the right flank open. But the question is, to what extent people believed us that we would actually enforce the upper limit", said the CSU politician. He thus contradicted – as had party colleague peter gauweiler earlier – the analysis of the CSU leadership for the election results. After the bundestag elections, seehofer demanded that the union should "flank to the right" remained.

A shift to the right cannot be the right strategy for the future, beckstein said. Instead, he attested to the CSU’s credibility problem: "that was a question of trust. And not the question of whether we were far enough to the right."

Former party vice president peter gauweiler had called on the CSU to clarify the leadership issue before entering into coalition negotiations. Coalition negotiations are not about postponing the end of a party leader. "Horst, it’s time", said gauweiler with reference to a rilke poem. CSU secretary general andreas scheuer then accused gauweiler of "premeditated surveillance of his party" of his party.

CSU leader horst seehofer has rejected gauweiler’s resignation demand as irrelevant. "Do you know, … We know peter gauweiler. His actions are self-evident. Need no comment", seehofer said on the fringes of a BMW event in munich on friday.

The CSU had crashed in the federal election to 38.8 percent, more than ten percentage points less than in 2013. According to current plans, a decision on possible personnel consequences will not be made until the party congress in november. As things stand at the party conference, seehofer is aiming for re-election as CSU leader and a top candidacy in the state elections in 2018.

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