Plus and minus at bamlit

Plus and minus at bamlit

20 months after the relevant district committees approved 22,000 euros for an "international literature festival in the bamberg region" after the bamberg literature festival (bamlit) was approved by the district council's culture and sports committee in 2016 and 2017, it was presented to the committee.

The calculation worked out, at least according to the figures presented by renate kuhhorn, head of the culture and sports department at the district office, and gaby heyder, managing director of the "bamberger literaturfestival UG" presented. In the first edition of 2016, there was a minus of 25.05 euros in the interim balance sheet. In view of the grants from the upper franconia foundation and the city of bamberg that have been approved but not yet paid out, we will be in the black in 2017.

However, there are huge differences in the composition of the numbers compared to the planning (see adjacent box). For example, 45,000 euros in EU receivables were omitted. On the other hand, the income from admission fees is many times higher than the estimated 7000 euros. At almost 80,000 euros, admission fees covered almost half of total costs in 2017.

The costs for renting the hall, for example, are significantly higher than originally calculated. 10,000 euros had been planned, but in 2016 they actually amounted to well over 16,000 euros, and in 2017 they even rose to almost 27,000 euros. The advertising/ticketing item, also estimated at 10,000 euros per year, cost 3.5 times as much.

Critical inquiries

Critical questions came mainly from andreas losche (grune). He also emphasized that the festival "is a wonderful thing in itself," says the diagonal attacker is. Nobody denies that. However, there is "no full transparency, whether the event was of public utility – as the upper franconia foundation, for example, requires for a claim – or whether private-sector interests could not come into play after all. "Unusually low" losche found the share of the authors' fees, which he recalculated on the basis of the contributions to the kunstlersozialkasse (social fund for artists). Because with it the moderator fees were comparatively high.

The unclear role of the district as organizer was also discussed. For district administrator johann kalb (CSU), it was clear that "ten percent of the costs had to be borne by the district itself" in the 2015 resolution "point out and make clear that the county is the organizer". Jonas merzbacher (SPD), who described the festival as a "great success that should not be belittled" said that he wished that the district would then also present itself accordingly as an organizer.

Merzbacher was clearly critical of the way in which the committee was not informed about the subsequent conclusion of a work contract with the company. He therefore did not want the factual report to be "approving" take note, as did losche and liebhard loffler. Only losche – and only because of a lack of transparency – refused to agree to another demand.

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