Polls: grunen-hohenflug stops – majority for new election

Polls: grunen-hohenflug stops - majority for new election

After their record result in the european elections, the greens continue to soar unchecked in the polls for the federal elections as well.

In the ARD "deutschlandtrend," they landed in first place for the first time with 26 percent (up 6 compared to the previous month), ahead of the union with 25 percent (down 3). In the latest forsa poll, they had already overtaken the CDU/CSU a few days ago. In the ZDF "political barometer" of the election research group, they are still just behind the union with 26 percent and 27 percent respectively.

The SPD continues to plummet after its european election defeat and the resignation of party leader andrea nahles. Their score drops six points in the "deutschlandtrend" to a low of 12 percent. This puts it even behind the afd with 13 percent (plus 1). The FDP remains unchanged at 8 percent, the left loses two points and comes in at seven percent.

In the ZDF political barometer, the SPD also sank to a record low of 13 percent (minus 3 percentage points). The afd achieved the same figure. Left-wing and afd each score 7 percent.

In the european elections, the greens achieved 20.5 percent, their best result to date in a nationwide election. SPD and union, on the other hand, suffered their worst results to date. Last sunday, SPD party and parliamentary group leader andrea nahles announced her resignation and thus also shook up the black-red alliance. The election period actually runs until 2021.

According to "deutschlandtrend," almost three-quarters of those surveyed (72 percent) are now less satisfied or not satisfied at all with the work of the federal government. That is ten percentage points more than in the previous month. Only 28 percent said they were satisfied or very satisfied.

In view of the current coalition crisis, according to a survey by the opinion research institute yougov, a majority of 52 percent are in favor of a new election to the bundestag, while only 27 percent are in favor of a continuation of the union-SPD alliance.

According to the survey, the so-called "grand coalition" is now the least popular of all possible coalition options. Only nine percent of those surveyed would choose this option if they could choose it. The most popular coalition, on the other hand, is one consisting of the greens, SPD and left with 25 percent approval – ahead of "jamaika" (union, greens and FDP) with 15 percent and schwarz-grun (union and greens) with 14 percent. Of the green voters, as many as 54 percent want an alliance with the SPD and the left-wing party, and only 25 percent want a black-green coalition.

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