Ramelow gives thuringia’s afd spokesman moller the middle finger

Ramelow gives thuringia's afd spokesman moller the middle finger

Moller, who is also the afd’s state spokesman, spoke during a discussion about the handling of NSU files about the office for the protection of the constitution, which he called a scandal-plagued agency. "Who has been watching all the great things, hasn’t it, mr. Ramelow??", moller finally said in the direction of the thuringian head of government. Ramelow then gave moller the middle finger.

Bodo ramelow was actually monitored by the constitutional protection agency for years. However, the federal constitutional court ruled that the years of monitoring were unconstitutional.

Thuringia’s CDU faction sharply criticized ramelow’s action. Ramelow and the afd are abusing parliament "for their unsavory sandbox games," declared the parliamentary manager of the CDU faction, andreas buhl. He spoke of a "disrespect for the state parliament".

Afd faction leader bjorn hocke suggested ramelow should resign. "If he had a spark of political and human decency, he would resign!", hocke explained in a press release. He called ramelow unfit for office.

Ramelow received support from thuringia’s left-wing faction leader susanne hennig-wellso. "A stinky finger is the only decent reaction to an indecent one," she wrote on twitter. Hennig-wellsow herself caused a stir this year when she threw a flower robbery at FDP politician thomas kemmerich, who had unexpectedly been elected minister president. Kemmerich was elected on 5. February came into office with the help of votes from the afd and resigned a short time later following public pressure.

Ramelow himself later expressed his remorse on twitter: "I owe the state parliament my respect as a constitutional body. I have not shown it today in the required mabe. Nevertheless, I will never let my anti-fascist stance be instrumentalized by the afd," wrote the 64-year-old left-wing politician on twitter.

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