Reiner calmund has recorded song with schlager band

Reiner calmund has recorded song with schlager band

Ex-fubball official reiner calmund (71) has entered the hit industry. He recorded the song "voll fett" together with the village rockers from oberaurach in lower franconia.

A video about it was published on youtube. In the lyrics of the song it says: "get to the bacon. Then it’s full, full – full fat."I can also take myself for a ride there," calmund told the german press agency on wednesday. He got to know the three brothers from the village rockers at the echo. Later they asked him to join in the song. "I find the boys sympathetic. They make folk, but still young music – and they come from frankenland, like my wife."

He himself has also made music before. "I used to play the accordion myself, but that was 50 years ago."When the band approached him and asked for his help, he had already had an operation. "I said i was going to lose weight because i’ve had an operation. Then they said, we’ll do it quickly so that you can still get on there as a fat pug."

The rough part of the video was shot in march, the final scene with an already much slimmer calmund only a few weeks ago, he said. In it he even let his pants down. He wore the same suit as in march. "The pants automatically slipped down," calmund told the dpa. "I can live well with the final scene."

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