Roland pontes wants to become mayor

Roland pontes wants to become mayor

Roland pontes from gleuben wants the mayor’s seat in kaltbrunn town hall. The 45-year-old computer scientist, who works for HUK coburg and lives in gleuben with his partner martina, was nominated by the sonnenstrabe electoral group. This means that the citizens have the famous agony of choice in the election for mayor, because no less than four candidates want to become mayor of the municipality of itzgrund.

For more than six years, roland pontes has been living in his home in gleuben, where he introduced himself in detail to the electoral community. Pontes has already gained experience in many professions, having worked as a cook and butcher’s assistant, as a building cleaner and as a regular soldier. Now he works as a computer scientist.

He stands for openness, honesty, determination, diligence and humanity. Roland pontes liked to act according to his motto "with heart and mind" to be actively involved in the work of the community of itzgrund, where he feels safe and at home and maintains many good friendships, and to actively participate in the happenings in itzgrund.

Another goal of pontes is to get the citizens out of their disenchantment with politics. He wanted to get the citizens interested in politics in the community again and become active themselves.

Roland pontes has no election program. He would rather approach the citizens and get to know their problems and notes, in order to be able to solve them together.

"Listening to the burgers"

"I want to motivate the people in the background to become active themselves and to stand up for their interests and not simply be sidetracked, emphasizes pontes. That’s why, as mayor, he wanted to organize a regular get-together and listen to the citizens in order to learn more, as well as to treat the citizens with respect. In his opinion, the municipal council meetings should be held on a project basis and on a rotating basis in the different parts of the municipality. More topics from the non-public session were to be dealt with in the public session and more topics were to be brought into the public domain. With this he wanted to arouse more interest of the citizens in the work of the municipal council.

Pontes has already done a round of introductions in the community and also held an event in the community. He noted that his ideas and thoughts, as well as his manner, met with very positive feedback from the burgers.

At the moment, roland pontes is looking for more supporting voices. But the mayoral candidate sees no problem in that. The lists for this are already available.

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