Roof truss is finished

Roof truss is finished

In a way, waldemar michaelis has been lucky and unlucky in equal measure. When he bought the "kurheim ross (formerly "villa gayde") in von der tannstrabe, it had shortly before been removed from the statutes and restrictions on changes in spa zone 1 by a resolution of the city council. This meant that, in principle, nothing stood in the way of his intention to convert the long vacant hotel into a residential building with eight apartments of various sizes. What he did not know was that the building with its bossed sandstone base and its late classicist facade had come under the scrutiny of the state office for the preservation of historical monuments in bamberg-seeshof.

Monument worthy of protection

And that created new facts: in april 2018, it declared the building, completed in 1887, a monument worthy of protection: "due to its historical and artistic significance, the object meets the criteria according to art. 1 baydschg. Its preservation is necessary for the public and the. General interest required by law and therefore in the interest of the general public", it was written in the striking letter. The town of bad kissingen has now had three months to clean up its act. What the seeshofers meant by this? The unostentatious but typical late-classical facade design, the effect of the building within the von der tannstrabe ensemble, and the interior design of the building are all very impressive. For the painters and tunchermeister karl gayde senior and junior and the painter max rossmann had decorated especially the corridors in the first floor with colorful frescoes. A demolition and new building was thus excluded.

What would have been the death throes of the preservationists for many a project did not irritate waldemar michaelis too much, because the authorities’ specifications were kept within bounds. And in the frescoes he sees an effective added value "we want to preserve them at all costs." Last fall he submitted the building application to the city. The permit came two months later. At the beginning of december, the first construction workers arrived to clear out the building and make it ready for reconstruction. The most striking change: the complete dismantling of the roof trusses.

Whether michaelis has already experienced unpleasant, mostly delaying surprises? That’s what likes to happen with listed buildings. And also the former "villa gayde" no longer looks as it did when it was inaugurated. The building was altered three times by extensions and additions of storeys. This means three different types of construction and materials. But here, too, the builder remains calm: "I have not experienced any nasty surprises, because I approached the matter without any expectations."

Now the stage has been reached at which public builders in particular like to celebrate topping-out ceremonies. The new roof truss is finished, and the currently dull but rather dry weather again proved to be a stroke of luck, as no major water damage was caused. Now the roofers can get to work on making the facility watertight upwards. And then the renewal begins inside. Windows and doors will be replaced, floors and walls repaired, all supply and disposal lines renewed "so that there will be peace for a few years first." And then a new elevator must be installed. The old one still works, but it’s too short: it doesn’t reach down to the basement or up to the attic, which will be built in the future. At the same time, when the new windows are in, the renovation of the outer facade is to be tackled as well. "When everything goes according to plan and the right craftsmen are always available at the right moment" – waldemar michaelis is optimistic "the new apartments will be ready for occupancy within a year."

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